Latina Reporter Gets OWNED After Asking White Man If He’s Racist

A Hispanic reporter was left speechless after trying to make a white man look bad by asking if he is racist, immediately after the man was hit in the head when pro-illegal immigrant thugs attacked law abiding Americans at a pro-America rally in L.A.

As we all know, one of the favorite narratives of the pro-illegal crowd and the left is that those opposed to illegal immigration are somehow racist, even though we only push for the proper immigration laws to be followed.

When this reporter for UniVision attempted to ask a man a loaded question, absolute hilarity ensued as Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson – who just happened to be black – put her right in the proper place for trying to paint him as racist to her Latino audience.

Check out the footage below:

Kudos to him and his friend for making her feel every bit as stupid as the question she asked him. Make sure you share this if you’re tired of being labeled as racist for only wanting people to abide by our laws.

Nothing has changed in 10 years except for a massive increase in illegal aliens. What will things be like in this country 10 years from now?

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