Liberals In Attack Mode After Seeing What Melania Did To Trump, Conveniently Leave Out 1 Detail

Donald and Melania Trump after they landed in Tel Aviv

The left has seized on a video of President Donald Trump and his wife, First Lady Melania Trump, as the pair arrived in Tel Aviv on Monday, and as usual, they are making it out to be something it isn’t. It seems that the crazed liberals who have launched into attack mode against the Trumps have conveniently left out one detail.

The footage in question shows the president reaching out to grab his wife’s hand shortly after the pair disembarked at Ben Gurion Airport. They make contact for a split second, and then, for whatever reason, Melania appears to drop her husband’s hand, perhaps because she is walking a step behind him on the narrow carpet.

This innocent exchange between the couple instantly caused the mainstream media to have a feeding frenzy over what they alleged was trouble in the Trump marriage.

President Trump seems to have caused some unrest at home while on his quest to bring peace to the Middle East.

Video of President Trump touching down in Tel Aviv on Monday shows the First Lady very clearly slapping at her husband when he tried to hold her hand at Ben Gurion Airport.

Melania was walking a half-step behind her husband at the time and managed to rebuff his advance without showing any clear emotion or breaking her stride, while the commander-in-chief responded by using the rejected hand to carefully adjust his tie. [Source: Daily Mail]

While the media had a field day with the seemingly innocuous video, others who watched it didn’t see anything wrong at all and were quick to voice their disgust over the obvious attempt by the left-leaning press to smear a happy couple.

“Once again the media (is) making something look unusual in order to make a story….when a couple are relaxed with each other they can do what they want without it ever being seen as awkward by your partner,…. unless you are a journo that is, who has never had a relationship and probably never will….,” wrote one Facebook user.

“This is not awkward!! Grow up, people. Look at the real issue here. They are touring for an incredible change in bringing about peace and unity among the nations!” commented another. “Leave them alone. You wouldn’t even understand even if I were to give u an explanation.”

Noting the glaring double-standard the media has when it comes to Republicans versus Democrats, someone else wrote, “I don’t remember the media publishing such ‘news’ when Clinton was president. One could argue his marital problems were a little more serious than what we (appear to) see here…”

Ironically, this incident perfectly exemplifies what Israeli First Lady Sara Netanyahu was caught on a hot mic saying to Melania as the pair greeted one another Monday, as she discussed how the people love them while the media hates them. “I talk every place about her, how great she is. And how great you are,” Mrs. Netanyahu began, according to The Gateway Pundit. “Because a majority of the people in Israel, unlike the media, they love us. So we tell them how you are great so they love you. We have very much in common,” she added.

Indeed, just as the Trumps and Netanyahus have much in common, our First Family has much in common with everyday Americans, even though they may be incredibly rich and high-profile. The media doesn’t seem to get that, but the people clearly do.

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