Liberals Paving The Road To Disaster: You’ll never Guess What They Raised The Minimum Wage To

The debate on whether or not raising minimum wage will actually help those in need has been lengthy and heated, but is far from settled. That conversation may soon be over as Seattle legislators have recently decided to raise the minimum wage to a whopping $15/hr.

Now, we all can agree that there is an issue with poverty here in America and as Obama continues to enslave a large portion of the population with dependency (i.e. welfare) it seems that others are left trying to figure it out. Their extremely generous efforts – especially for those who make under $15/hr. currently – may just turn out to be an economic disaster.

The thing is, companies forced to pay employees that kind of money are going to either have to start earning more to afford such an increase or will be forced out of business – next thing you know, you’re paying $10 for a double cheeseburger at McDonald’s. This means that everything takes a price hike and all of a sudden, those who were suffering in the beginning are left in the same boat.

Instead of making less and paying less, they’re now simply making more and paying more – it’s a catch 22. Liberals however don’t see it this way. As we’ve all noticed, their sight is fairly limited as they strive to give everything the appearance of perfection despite the fire burning behind the curtain.

Just take a look at the praise Nancy Pelosi decided to give over Twitter on the matter:

Ok, yes, she’s a twit, but sadly, she’s not alone – look at all the other ignoramuses ready to flock toward the dollar bills below:

Fortunately however – and not for Seattle – there seem to be a few Americans with all their screws still tightly in place. Showing common sense, and just a touch of ability to look beyond the joy of a pay raise, others were quick to note the devastating and sure future effects of such legislation.

Now that you guys have heard both sides, why don’t you let us know what you think – will you be making the move to Seattle for a guaranteed $15/hr., or will you be staying put? Let us know in the comments below.

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