Michelle & Her Minions Freak Out After Catching Melania Doing 1 Thing For Poor Kids At WH

No matter what Melania Trump does in her role as the first lady, it’s never good enough for Michelle Obama and her minions in the mainstream media. After the liberal press caught FLOTUS doing some good for poor African-American children at the White House, they decide to trash-talk her instead of doing unbiased reporting. Michelle Obama is directly involved in this too, but you’ll love how our first lady comes out looking like a shining star.

Michelle Obama (left), Melania Trump with a girl from the local “Boy’s & Girl’s Club” (right) (Photo Credit: Scott Olson/Getty Images, Win McNamee/Getty Images)

We all remember Michelle Obama’s “kitchen garden” on the south-side of the White House. The former first lady planted a veggie garden and made a huge deal of it by using it in photo ops and in spreading her crazed focus on school lunches, among other things. Liberals took delight in speculating that Melania, as the first lady, would let it fall into disrepair. Except, then this happened:

[T]he first lady [Melania Trump], dressed in a red plaid shirt, black pants and sneakers, joined the children in harvesting lettuce and kale, peas, radishes, Swiss chard, and mustard. They also planted cabbage, cauliflower, turnips, carrots, spinach, and kale, the White House said.

Melania Trump’s decision to continue the tradition of hosting children at the garden to aid in the harvest surprised some food advocates, especially after the Trump administration in May said it would relax elements of the school nutrition standards Michelle Obama had championed. [Source: Politico]

So, when Melania was caught by reporters harvesting the garden with an African-American “Boy’s and Girl’s Club” from a poor area in Washington, D.C., they bash her anyway as the report goes on:

“For Michelle Obama, the garden was paired with concrete improvements to federal policy and pro-health cultural shifts in America,” said Eric Kessler, senior managing director of Arabella Advisors, which advises major foundations involved in food policy, he went on, “When this White House holds a garden event, you have to assume it’s meant as a distraction from some policy shift that will make good food less accessible to families that need it most.”

First Lady Melania Trump helps kids from the “Boy’s & Girl’s Club” harvest vegetables at the White House. (Photo Credit: Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Putting down Melania even more for just harvesting some vegetables, they also report, “Michelle Obama held dozens of photo ops at the garden to promote its symbolic meaning.” What symbolic meaning? These people are deranged and will make up all kinds of crap to bash Melania Trump. To also imply that Melania Trump set out to cover-up some nefarious plot to “make good food less accessible to families by her husband’s administration is just plain bonkers.

Michelle Obama, who has used her bully pulpit to act outraged when Trump finally got rid of her disastrous lunch program and who talked about the vegetable garden with such fondness, must have at least said something about her legacy garden staying intact, right? Wrong. Where do you think Eric Kessler’s words came from? That’s right, straight from Michelle Obama herself who is buddies with Kessler.

Kessler, who is a big named chef, was part of the James Beard Foundation which helped Michelle Obama with her so-called “healthy foods” initiatives. Michelle saw a way to take a stab at the Trumps when she heard Melania would be out harvesting the garden and made sure it ended up in Politico, with Kessler’s crazy commentary. Who else cares so much about Melania picking a few turnips?

“Many in food circles had been concerned that Melania Trump and her fast-food-loving husband would not carry on Michelle Obama’s expansive kitchen garden, which has become an internationally recognized symbol of local food,” Politico reported. Wow, an “internationally recognized symbol of local food”? Do they mean that worldwide, people in like Guatemala, are talking about Michelle’s garden as a symbol of local food in Washington, D.C.? That’s just crazy talk, plain and simple.

All these haters had to do was either keep their big mouths shut or if they had to report on it, say “good for you, Melania.” Melania is not using it as a platform, but Michelle Obama was, and she admits it. Michelle Obama and her minions won’t stop. But, neither will patriotic Americans. Every time they bash Melania for no good reason, you bet we will come to her defense. Melania is doing a fine job, and she did nothing wrong in harvesting a few vegetables at the White House.

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