Mom Hears Daughter Beg, “Please Daddy, Don’t,” Horrified To See What He Did Moments Later

Mom Hears Daughter Beg, "Please Daddy, Don't," Horrified To See What He Did Moments Later 
Alexis Stubbs (left), stock photo of a bloody crime scene for visualization purposes (center), John Singleton (right)

A woman from Chicago, Illinois, had gotten into a fight with her boyfriend when all hell broke loose. Sadly, as the duo’s quarrel escalated, it didn’t take long until the woman’s daughter was put in the middle of the fight. Moments later, she heard her 12-year-old child begging, “Please Daddy, don’t,” and she was quickly left horrified to see what the sick man did moments later.

When Alexis Stubbs was 8-years-old, her mother began dating the man she would soon call her father, John Singleton. Unfortunately, the couple would have many problems before Singleton was eventually put away for attempting to strangle Alexis’ mother in 2014. However, as soon as he was let out on parole, he returned to their home, where the family seemed to be complete once again.

Although everything seemed to be better between the two, an argument broke out between Singleton and the girl’s mother over cigarettes and their living arrangements. The mother quickly removed herself and her daughter from the home, eventually contacting police to get Singleton removed from their residence.

While Alexis was waiting for the police to arrive, she returned to the building to speak to a neighbor. That’s when surveillance video captured Singleton approaching the 12-year-old girl and forcing her to go with him to their apartment by pulling her hair and threatening her with a hammer. It was then he decided to call Alexis’ mother, who was still outside waiting for the police and began threatening her as well.

One of his disgusting calls went straight to voicemail, and that’s when Alexis could be heard begging for her life in the background. Assistant State’s Attorney Guy Lisuzzo said Alexis could be heard “screaming and begging for life, saying, ‘Please Daddy, don’t,'” Crime Watch reports.

Unfortunately, her pleas were ignored, and the sick man decided to take matters into his own hands. All while threatening the girl’s mother, he stabbed Alexis over 11 times on various parts of her body. He then took off running when police arrived, while continually taunting the girl’s mother with several sick messages, including, “See wat u made me do … u gon pay for this,” according to Chicago Tribune. The coward was eventually located hiding in a nearby port-a-potty with the hammer and a knife still in his hands.

Meanwhile, Alexis’ mother returned to their apartment and found her daughter nearly dead on the floor. She immediately cradled her blood-drenched child, wiping the blood from her face. In hopes to save her daughter’s life as she gasped for air, the desperate mother put pressure on her daughter’s wounds, but unfortunately, she died from her injuries.

When Singleton was finally questioned by detectives, he admitted to not only hitting the victim multiple times with a hammer but to stabbing her with the knife as well. He has since been charged with first-degree murder and aggravated kidnapping in the murder of Alexis Stubbs.

This man is truly disgusting. Not only did he kill a child but one that he supposedly loved. As only a psycho would do, he used the girl’s mortified screams to torture the woman he once cared for. Although his sentence is minor compared to what he deserves, we can find peace in knowing that God will give him the ultimate sentence — an eternal punishment in hell.

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