Muslim Refugee Doctor Gruesomely Butchers Autistic Toddler, Her Next 4 Words Horrify Cops

Muslim Refugee Doctor Gruesomely Butchers Autistic Toddler, Her Next 4 Words Horrify Cops
Syrian refugee and doctor Maha Al-Adheem (left) repeatedly stabbed her 3-year-old autistic son before making a stomach-churning confession to authorities. (Photo source: Daily Mail)

After gruesomely hacking a 3-year-old autistic toddler to death, a doctor, who arrived as a refugee from Syria, calmly handed herself over to the police. However, as soon as officers questioned why she brutally slaughtered an innocent child, the asylum seeker uttered 4 chilling words.

Each time a devout Muslim commits an atrocity in the name of Allah, the left typically uses 2 scripted excuses to fall back on — cultural misunderstanding or mental incompetence. While mistaking that civilized cultures do not slaughter the innocent is contrived at best, there is some truth as to why so many Muslims seem to embody psychological issues, and this has everything to do with their inherently violent and oppressive religion.

On the evening of July 10, Dublin police burst into the apartment of 42-year-old Maha Al-Adheem, a Muslim medical physician living in Kimmage, a suburb on the southside of Dublin, Ireland. The woman was covered in blood and sustained knife wounds to her body. Disturbingly, the critical wounds were self-inflicted. Al-Adheem had also butchered her own 3-year-old son, Omar, who suffered from autism. The boy had died from numerous stab wounds to the abdomen, chest, and legs just hours before medics arrived.

When authorities arrested Al-Adheem and made preparations to transfer her to a local hospital with life-threatening injuries, the sadistic murderer’s remorseless admission caused police to do a double take. The Independent reports that the emotionless Muslima confessed to authorities that “it was the power” that caused her to murder her own son in cold blood.

Garda Sergeant Brendan O’Halloran told the court Ms. Al Adheem was arrested and charged with murder on Thursday. He told the court that when charged she replied, “Yes, it was my knife. Yes, it was my hand. It was not me, it was the power.”

Muslim Refugee Doctor Gruesomely Butchers Autistic Toddler, Her Next 4 Words Horrify Cops
Al-Adheem (pictured) not only told police that “it was the power” that prompted her to murder her son but also that she desperately wanted to work as a doctor again. (Photo source: Independent)

Al-Adheem had a license to work as a doctor in Syria but told authorities that she was not certified in Ireland, according to Daily Mail. She expressed a deep desire to work with patients, which paints a sinister portrait of the danger she posed to innocent civilians aside from her own child.

Dublin District Court Judge Michael Walsh ruled that Al-Adheem would remain in police custody for one week before reappearing before the courtroom. Al-Adheem’s current attorney has requested legal aid funded by Irish taxpayers on behalf of his client.

Al-Adheem had given birth to Omar in Rotunda on January 9, 2014. Her husband, Khalid Omran, is reportedly living in Ireland as a Syrian student, although it is reported that he split from Al-Adheem before their son’s murder.

As expected, neighbors mourned the loss of 3-year-old Omar and confirmed that Al-Adheem was “a lovely lady” who never seemed like a threat. In fact, one neighbor explained that Al-Adheem was “mixed in with the community,” alleging that she had assimilated nicely. Of course, this is the typical liberal narrative for refugees, that they are doctors, mothers, and enriching neighbors who contribute so much to society. However, because Islam is fundamentally incompatible with any other culture, religion, or law, its most devout adherents are never truly integrated.

Islam not only commands Muslim to violence in over 100 scriptures in the Quran, but Sharia law justifies honor killings. According to the highest Sunni authority in Islam, Al-Azhar, Muslim fathers and mothers are not to receive legal punishment for murdering their disobedient offspring, which sheds some light on why 91 percent of honor killings worldwide are committed by Muslims

On the subject of mental insanity, which the left often propagates to excuse Muslim aggression, one reason Muslims are disproportionately prone to committing violent acts is due to religious inbreeding, which was ordained by the prophet Muhammad. International statistics show that 49.8 percent of Muslim marriages were to first cousins. While a family tree uniting first cousins once or twice poses little medical health risks, generations over more than 1,400 years have caused Muslims’ IQs to drop significantly and mental and behavioral disorders to skyrocket. Expectedly, a mental health symptom of consistent inbreeding is higher aggression.

The West is invoking mass importation of a culture and religion that is not only incompatible with any other but has a much higher percentage of psychologically disturbed individuals. Add this to the fact that the Quran contains 109 passages that mandate violence, oppression, and hatred toward non-Muslims, and you have the perfect concoction for invasion and subjugation.

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