Entitled Muslim TX Grad Thinks She Can Spew Racist Rant Unpunished, Gets Nasty Surprise

Entitled Muslim TX Grad Thinks She Can Spew Racist Rant Unpunished, Gets Nasty Surprise
After posting countless racist comments on social media, Texas grad and self-proclaimed law school student Samiha Allan (pictured) is in hot water. (Photo source: Facebook, Canary Mission)

While studying at a Texas University for her law degree, an entitled supremacist decided to unleash a series of racist, bigoted rants. However, just after thinking she was untouchable because of her privilege, the racist awoke to a nasty dose of karma.

Samiha Allan was everything the left could hope for in a poster child for their skewed ideas of feminism and diversity. The liberal darling is female, Muslim, and graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University (SFASU) in 2016 with a degree in business. She even announced that she would be adding to her reputable resume by attending law school at the beginning of 2017. Unfortunately for her, she forgot that whatever happens on the internet stays on the internet.

Canary Mission, which is an organization run by students who document individuals and groups that promote liberal hatred, recently caught the Muslimah hiding a series of racist, discriminatory statements on her social media accounts. Apparently, Allan believed that the derogatory criminal posts, which span from 2012 to the present, were long forgotten as the racist hijabi continued her higher education.

Allan has been busted for spewing vile liberal hate speech against Jews, Israelis, blacks, and homosexuals as well as declaring support for Islamic terrorist organization Hamas and militant jihad. Although Allan attempted to cover her tracks by deleting many of her discriminatory posts, the posts have been documented in Canary Mission’s database as they move forward with calls for an investigation into her actions.

Ironically, Allan chastised President Donald Trump in November 2016 for alleged racism and claimed that “everyone who voted for Trump voted for a racist.” The liberal hypocrite then continued to slam Trump and his voters for “prejudice” and lauded herself for speaking out on “Islamophobia” and “equality.” Her virtue-signaling came in the middle of countless posts in which she spouts phobic slurs like, “f**k the Jews,” “f**king n**ger,” and, “di** sucking faggot a**.”

When speaking my opinion on racism i'm told it doesn't exist and to keep my mouth shut, because I am American. When…

Posted by Samiha Allan on Wednesday, November 9, 2016

In addition, Allan often interacts with other Muslim students who engage in the same discriminatory rants, including Cleveland State University student Kasem Abed, Northern Virginia Community College student Nora Barzani, Florida State University student Luis Aguirre Di Niro, and Omar Abdalla Silwadi.

Allan supports Hamas, the Palestinian Islamic organization designated a terrorist group by Israel, the U.S., EU, Canada, and Japan. Hamas has been confirmed to support terrorism against Israeli civilians and constantly uses foreign funds to launch Israel-bound rockets from schools and playgrounds. As such, Allan has lauded the murder of Israeli civilians, particularly Jews, revealing her Islam-based racism and religious supremacism.

Allan and her companions must be brought to justice. The only way this will be accomplished is if this information is spread to expose her and there is a vocal demand for an investigation and hate charges to be brought against her. Muslims and liberals like Allan continuously call for those who oppose their beliefs to be charged with hate speech. Of course, this is merely virtue signaling to cover up their own hatred and support of terrorism.

Proving that justice is attainable, previous exposure by Canary Mission has led to a terror-supporting racist losing her job. Muslim teacher Nancy Salem was promptly fired and placed under investigation after enough people voiced their outrage over her racist rants which often included calls for murdering non-Muslims. Disturbingly, Salem held a position at The Children’s Courtyard, a preschool in Arlington, before her vile comments were uncovered.

If enough of us share this information, Allan won’t be able to hide behind her Muslim privilege as she too will be held accountable for her dangerous ideology. She has already been exposed for the racist religious supremacist she is. Let’s not rest until she is held to the same reprimand that she hypocritically demands for others.

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