[GRAPHIC] Leaked Video of Muslims Executing Terrified 11-Year-Old Boy

Just as the brutality of Islamic terror knows no bounds, the Islamic Prophet Muhammad didn’t discriminate against age or gender with the bloody slaughter of his sword. In fact, the Hadith teaches that nearly 800 men and boys (and at least one woman) of the Banu Qurayza were beheaded by Islam’s “perfect man” when he slaughtered and enslaved their entire tribe.

This same crime against children has been carried out by Muslims, and one video seeks to expose the horrific savagery that has been passed down through the centuries.

A graphic video leaked to Walid Shoebat shows the shocking execution of a young boy by an Iraqi militia made up of Shi’ite Muslims, the same as that of the Islamic State insurgency.

Shoebat reports that the video shows an 11-year-old boy put to death by a shower of bullets to his head and torso. The execution was reportedly carried out in the Diyala province of Iraq by Iranian-backed Iraqi fighters.

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The group of men surrounds the boy, slapping and mocking him before they carry out his sentence.

After bursts of bullets, the Islamists can be heard praising Allah for empowering them. With shouts of “Allahu akbar,” the celebration reminds us of the threat Islam poses.

It seems that Obama has created his own “JV team” like that of ISIS, leaving rebel militias to do the job after he ordered U.S. troops to be pulled out of Iraq.

Instead of allowing one tyrant to overtake the other, the U.S. would do well to arm the Christian militias who are defending not only their own people, but Muslims as well.

Obama’s failed anti-war policy is devouring Iraq, and the only thing that can save these people is the “boots on the ground” that Obama so despises. Fighters of the same radical ideology cannot be trusted to enforce justice, yet progressives are dying to hold onto some hope that Islam can be the savior of the same Middle East that it ravaged for centuries.

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The Ottoman Empire is rising, and these small militias of Shi’ites are assisting in the same blood payment that every communistic regime has required for its implementation.

While the Middle East is engulfed in flames, Obama still refuses to acknowledge the potential threat of Islamic terror heading for the Western world. Must he have a 9/11 under his belt before he feels enough pressure to act?

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