[Photo] During National Anthem, Lady Sees Disgusting Thing Muslim Was Doing

Quite the disturbing photo is going viral after it was snapped by a lady attending a public event. After the crowd was asked to rise for the National Anthem, her eye caught the disgusting thing a woman was doing – and it has quite a few people up in arms.

The incident took place at a motocross event in Texas, where a woman only identified as “Lacey” happened to be in the stands. Now, for any of us who have attended something like this – a sporting event with a large audience – we know that the National Anthem is usually played.

As it turns out, that took place at this particular event. After it was asked over the loudspeakers, the audience all rose to their feet – well, almost all of them. Disturbed enough by what she saw to snap a picture, you can imagine her surprise to see that a Muslim woman was still sitting, but it only got worse from there.

Muslim Spotted Sitting & On Phone During National Anthem
(Photo Source: Facebook)

Also seen in the picture is the fact that the Islamist is playing on her phone, showing complete and utter disregard to American customs and practices. Now, I know that many of you more than likely see the major problem in all this, but I’m going to point it out anyways.

Patriotic Americans love their freedom, but it didn’t just come about by chance. In order to pay respect to our nation and the men and woman who died to protect it, we make sure to acknowledge it in certain ways, like taking a bit of our time to stand for our National Anthem.

How many times do we hear how customs in America have to change for Muslims? How many times do they want to change something to suits their needs? This is America. If you don’t want to act like an American, go back to the third world hell hole which was created by the backwards beliefs of your religion.

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