MUST SEE: Young Black Man Starts New Viral Challenge to Other Young Blacks

After the social trend of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge went viral, a young man by the name of Mike Ojo decided to start a trend, this time with a challenge to young black men.


In the video, which has already reached close to 30,000 shares on Facebook, Mike challenges others to “pull their damn pants up.”

“Pull your pants up! Ok? Pull your damn pants up! Now you want to save little black boys from being targeted by the police, you can start on how they present themselves. When you look like you belong in prison, then that’s where they’re going to try to haul you to, ok? Pull your pants up.”

Instead of demonizing the police, perhaps the black community should heed the advice of this wise young man. The truth might hurt a little, but if you look like you belong in prison, can you really expect the police to treat you like an upstanding citizen?

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