WATCH: Gold Star Widow Releases Phone Call With Trump — Democratic Rep. Forced Into Hiding

When Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) claimed that President Donald Trump insulted the widow of a Special Forces soldier who was killed in Niger earlier this month, the media had a field day, lambasting the alleged “insensitivity,” even though there was absolutely no proof to corroborate the incendiary claims. However, footage of Trump’s phone call with a Gold Star widow was released today, and it blows a hole straight through the media and Wilson’s narrative. The Florida Congresswoman will be forced into hiding once she hears this audio. […]

Wilson Calls Herself ‘Rock Star,’ Backfires As Sick Thing She Did To Dead Soldier Came Out

Wilson Calls Herself ‘Rock Star,’ Backfires As Sick Thing She Did To Dead Agents Came Out

There’s no arguing that Florida Democratic Representative Frederica Wilson loves the spotlight as she’s been basking in it since coming forward to lie about President Donald Trump. Unfortunately for the woman who is now calling herself a “rock star,” things just blew up in her face after the sick thing she did to a dead FBI agent and his family 2 years ago just came out – and she hoped no one would remember. […]

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Utah Woman Robs Helpless Man Having Seizure Inside 7-Eleven, Karma Pays Her A Visit

While a Utah woman was shopping inside a 7-Eleven, she looked over and saw a helpless man on the ground having a seizure. Usually, while witnessing this type of medical emergency, anyone with an ounce of human decency would call for help. Unfortunately, that was not the case for one greedy woman. Instead of calling 911, she reached for the man’s wallet and began robbing him. Luckily, karma decided to pay her a visit for her dirty deed. […]


Rep. Frederica Wilson Says Trump Insulted Military Widow, Then Her ‘Sick Secret’ Comes Out

Earlier this week, Rep. Frederica Wilson, a little-known congresswoman from Florida, bought herself some publicity at the expense of a military family in mourning. Wilson told the press that President Donald Trump had insulted the widow of a soldier recently killed overseas, and the media had a field day. However, the congresswoman was hiding a “sick secret” of her own, and it has now been exposed. […]


General Kelly Blasts Loud-Mouth Florida Congresswoman, Gives Her Nasty Surprise On Live TV

Florida Rep. Frederica Wilson made headlines when she decided to politicize the condolence phone call made by President Donald Trump to the widow of Sgt. La David Johnson, who was killed in action. After Wilson made the rounds on the leftist cable news shows, bashing Trump horribly, she was in for a rude awakening when General John Kelly decided to set the record straight. Kelly gave the congresswoman such a nasty surprise on live TV, she will never forget it. […]

One-Year-Old Found Dead In Her Crib, Cops Horrified To Learn What Mom Put Inside Her
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One-Year-Old Found Dead In Crib, Mom Horrified To Learn What Was On Carpet That Killed Her

A mother from Staten Island, New York, had placed her one-year-old girl in her Pack n’ Play crib to rest for the night. However, when she went to pick her up in the morning, she realized that her baby was unresponsive. Sadly, once first responders arrived on the scene, the baby girl was declared dead, and now, the mother has been left horrified to learn what was on the carpet that killed her innocent child. […]


Georgia Teacher Makes Teens Remove ‘MAGA’ Shirts, Fed-Up Parents Remove Something Of Hers

When two of her students wore “Make America Great Again” t-shirts to school, Georgia math teacher Lyn Orletsky was immediately triggered. Apparently, a t-shirt is all it takes these days for liberals to lose it. Orletsky demanded that the students remove their Trump shirts, but she never expected that their fed-up parents would remove something of hers in return. […]