Cops & Criminals

Cop-Hating Councilman Calls Sheriff “Hog-Head Lying Bastard” After His Sick Act Is Exposed

A cop-hating councilman in Jackson City, Missouri, has caused a shockwave of public outrage after he called the sheriff a “hog-head lying bastard” in response to being exposed for a truly sickening act against a patrol officer and his family. Now, many are calling for the degenerate councilman to step-down for disrespecting the sheriff and for the vile thing he did, and rightfully so. […]


Melania Gets Revenge On Michelle’s Minions After They Claim Japan’s First Lady Snubbed Her

As First Lady, Melania Trump has done nothing but bring pride back to America, but Michelle Obama and her minions continue to conjure up stories to make her look bad. Their latest rant has to do with Japan’s First Lady Akie Abe, who was seated next to Melania at the G20 Summit. In the meanest terms, they claim that she snubbed Melania so bad, except Melania has just set the record straight, getting revenge on them, and they are majorly pissed off. […]


Special Counsel Mueller Proves He’s Playing Dirty With One Bold Move Against Trump

President Donald Trump knew it wouldn’t be easy to take the reins of power away from Barack Obama’s administration or his army of political assassins. Now that we are 6 months into making America great again, special counsel Robert Mueller and his team of Hillary Clinton-loving attorneys have begun their attempt to take Trump down and put a stop to the rise of true conservatism in America. With one bold new move, Mueller and his team have proven that they are playing dirty and that he isn’t going to stop until he is fired or Trump is defeated. […]