Hillary’s Caught Giving $800K To Fund Violent Antifa Savages, But It Gets Even Worse

Thanks to the millions of fed-up American patriots who came out in droves last November and voted for Donald J. Trump, we successfully kept Hillary Clinton out of the White House. However, despite the fact that she does not have the advantage of sitting in the Oval Office each day, she is still doing whatever she can to manipulate the political scene. She has now been caught funding the violent savages of Antifa with an $800,000 donation, but that’s not even the worst of it. […]

Cops & Criminals

SEE IT: Brutally Honest MEME About BLM Thug Protesters May Get St. Louis Cop Fired

In St. Louis, Missouri, the BLM crowd is demanding that a 16-year veteran police officer is fired after he recently responded to a protester’s Facebook comment with a brutally honest meme. Now, an investigation is underway to determine if the officer is guilty of some kind of misconduct. However, once you see the meme, you’ll likely agree that the BLM crowd is just trying to play the victim card as usual. […]


Secret Message Hidden In Melania Trump’s U.N. Outfit, Leaves Hillary Clinton Livid

There is a lot of talk circulating across the internet after pictures surfaced of First Lady Melania Trump attending the United Nations General Assembly alongside President Donald Trump. Although most eyes were on the President, viewers have picked up on a “hidden message” in the outfit Melania wore to the assembly, and all fingers are pointing to Hillary Clinton as the intended recipient, leaving her furious. […]


Fundraiser For Kids With Cancer Canceled After Trump-Haters Complain About 1 Thing

A triathlon in North Carolina which serves as a fundraiser for children with cancer and terminal illnesses has been canceled by its organizers after a bunch of Trump-hating liberals complained about one thing. Conservatives are furious that the organizer has chosen to give sick children the short end of the stick in an attempt to appease screaming liberals, and when you hear why they complained, you will be too. […]


Sick Trump-Hating Reporter Reveals 1 Secret, Puts Don Jr & Kellyanne’s Lives In Danger

The liberal media just got caught with their pants down after months of inaccurately reporting that President Donald Trump was lying when he said the Obama administration had wiretapped Trump Tower and his campaign. One reporter made her mark with TV appearances driving this lie home, and now, she is out for revenge. For no good reason, this reporter revealed one secret that just put Donald Trump Jr. and Kellyanne Conway’s lives in danger. […]