Pics Leak Of Malia And Her New Boy Toy, Viewers Shocked By What’s Showing In Background

Pics Leak Of Malia & Her New Boyfriend, Viewers Shocked By What’s Showing In Background

The liberal media is gushing as they brag about Malia Obama and her new boyfriend who she was spotted kissing while tailgating at her first Harvard game, but that’s not all everyone is talking about. As it turns out, viewers have been left shocked after seeing what was in the background of a few pictures that leaked — and it seems that dear old dad has some explaining to do. […]


Melania & Barron Receive WH Christmas Tree, Then Turn & Show Onlookers A Holiday Miracle

On Monday afternoon, Melania and Barron Trump received the official White House Christmas tree in front of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It was a momentous occasion as the first family accepted what we hope will be the first of many Christmas trees during their time in the White House. After taking in the massive Wisconsin balsam fir, which was hauled by Clydesdales and top-hat-wearing horsemen as the Marine band played Christmas music, Melania and Barron turned to the crowd of onlookers which had gathered and did what none of them ever expected. […]


After Melania Appears On North Lawn To Receive Christmas Tree, Barron Steals The Show

The White House’s nineteen foot Christmas tree came all the way from a family run farm in Wisconsin, and when First Lady Melania Trump first saw it, she was beaming. Owners of the tree farm, Jim and Diane Chapman, along with their son David, were waiting on the north lawn of the White House as the Marine band played traditional Christmas carols, but it was Barron Trump, accompanying his mom, who stole the show. You’ll love this. […]


After Trump Replaces Obama’s Corrupt IRS Chief, Lois Lerner Asks Judge For Sick Favor

The clock is ticking for former IRS official Lois Lerner and the cronies that helped her illegally wage political warfare against conservative Tea Party organizations before the 2012 Presidential election. Just days after President Donald Trump replaced Barack Obama’s corrupt IRS Chief, Lerner is back in court asking a judge for one huge sick favor, and it’s enough makes your blood boil. […]


Michelle’s Furious, Blames Barack After Malia Gives Them ‘Nasty Surprise’ Caught On Video

Malia Obama is well into her first year at Harvard, and like most young adults, she is trying to have a good time. That’s a problem when you have the Secret Service tailing you around. When Malia was caught on video making out with a “mystery guy,” that’s not a major emergency. However, it’s the “nasty surprise” she dropped on her parents right after the make-out session that is causing Michelle to freak out, blaming the whole thing on Barack. […]

Man Buys Mall, Triggers Liberals After They Learn The 2 Bold Things He's Putting Inside

Man Buys Mall, Triggers Liberals After They Learn The 2 Bold Things He’s Putting Inside

A Christian man recently purchased the Vista Ridge Mall in Lewisville, Texas. Wanting to make a few changes, he’s decided to make a move that few business owners are willing to do in our country. In fact, he’s triggering liberals across the nation after they learned about the two bold things he plans on putting inside that has left every patriot cheering him on. […]


After South Dakota Mom Tells Melania Her ‘Christmas Wish,’ First Lady Just Made It Happen

A South Dakota mom wrote a letter to First Lady Melania Trump, praying to receive a reply. Even her two kids told her it was a “long shot” to expect to get anything from the White House, let alone directly from the first lady. After Candace Schumacher had almost given up all hope for her “Christmas wish,” a shocking letter arrived from Melania Trump saying “her dream had just come true.” You don’t want to miss this. […]


Disrespectful Dad Of UCLA Player Insults Trump, So Mike Huckabee DESTROYS Him In 2 Words

Last week, President Donald Trump interceeded to secure the release of LiAngelo Ball, Cody Riley, and Jalen Hill, the three freshman UCLA basketball players who were caught shoplifting on a team trip to Hangzhou, China. Rather than offer his sincere thanks, Ball’s father had the nerve to insult Trump upon his son’s return stateside. Appalled by the overwhelming show of disrespect, Governor Mike Huckabee then stepped in to destroy Mr. Ball with two brutal words which he desperately needed to hear. […]