ONE Thing Missing During Obama’s Speech Shows EXACTLY What He’s Worth

As Barack Obama stepped into the public spotlight one last time in order to give his farewell speech, it wasn’t long before people noticed something was a bit off. As it turns out, there was just one thing missing that should have been on stage — and it proves exactly what he’s worth.

The left is mourning these days as Donald Trump is set to soon take office, and Barack Obama made sure to capitalize on that during last night’s speech in Chicago, Illinois. Of course, he mentioned himself a whopping 75 times during the 51-minute spiel, but that’s not all that everyone noticed.

ONE Thing Missing During Obama’s Speech Shows EXACTLY What He’s Worth
President Barack Obama, his wife Michelle, and daughter Malia (Source: Mail Online)

As it turns out, it seems that the Obama family was a little light. Sasha Obama was nowhere to be seen throughout the night. In fact, it wasn’t long before social media lit up, asking why she wasn’t by her father’s side on this presumably important night.

According to Mail Online, it looks like we may have some answers as she was reportedly studying for a test that she had the following morning:

Of course, the excuse seemed hardly suitable, considering the significance of such a night for the family, and Twitter users weren’t afraid to say it:

When it comes down to it, school most certainly matters. However, it’s common knowledge that these two girls were greatly accommodated because of their father’s position. Therefore, it stands to reason that this would be one such night.

Furthermore, “studying” isn’t something that needs to be done the night before. Surely, Sasha knew that this test was coming and could have prepared by studying over the weekend or even earlier in the day and still attended her father’s speech.

Either way, people aren’t buying the lame excuse, and in the end, it just goes to show exactly what Obama is worth. Up until his last few days, he continues to lie to the American people, and what does it say about a man who can’t even get his daughter to attend his last important event as president? Lame duck seems rather fitting for Obama given the past 8 years – but maybe it’s not entirely accurate. Maybe he’s just lame in general.

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