January 19, 2018


Fox News Host Criticized About 'Huge Leg,' Bully Not Laughing When She Fights Back

Fox News Host Criticized Over ‘Huge Legs,’ Bully Not Laughing After She Fights Back

It seems bullies are hiding around every corner lately, just waiting for an opportunity to sneak out and attack their victims. Sadly, bullying isn’t a tactic reserved for ill-mannered children either. In fact, some adults seemingly love to partake in the disgusting practice as one Fox News host found out after she posted a picture on social media, and it didn’t take long for one woman to comment about her “huge legs.” However, the fed-up host didn’t hesitate to fight back, and now, the bully isn’t laughing after she heard what the host had to say. […]

Rep. Adam ‘Shifty’ Schiff Freaks Out On Capitol Hill As Trump Says ‘Time To Lock Him Up’

Rep. Adam “Shifty” Schiff is under intense scrutiny after shocking revelations about his alleged criminal activities started to surface. As President Donald Trump gets ready to close the book on the bogus Robert Mueller investigation, stunning new evidence has come to light, and it’s not looking good for “Shifty” Schiff. In fact, the California Congressman was spotted freaking out on Capitol Hill as Trump warns it’s time to “lock him up.” […]

Fox News Reporter Worships RINO Jeff Flake, Sarah DESTROYS Him In Front Of The WORLD

Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake is a RINO if there ever was one. Indeed, it seems as though the acronym “Republican In Name Only” was coined specifically for him. When a White House reporter for Fox News started worshipping Flake during a media briefing this week, President Donald Trump’s press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders quickly put him in his place, destroying his credibility in front of the whole world. […]

Cops & Criminals

Gymnastics Rapist Begs To Be Absent For Victim Statements, Judge Has Brutal Counteroffer

Former Olympic Gymnastics team physician Larry Nassar, who’s been accused of rape, recently begged a judge to allow him to be absent during the victim statements, claiming that it is “bad for his mental health” to be forced to listen to what the girls have to say. However, the judge had a better idea, and now, the video clip of her brutal counteroffer has gone viral, for good reason. […]

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Gun Rights

Liberal Attorney General’s New Scheme Will Strip Away Fundamental Aspect Of Gun Ownership

The left hates the Second Amendment. Why? Because they are terrified of an armed populace. Americans who know how to use firearms are self-reliant. They don’t want the government running their lives. So, every day, we learn about another liberal trying to limit our freedoms. The latest is from a liberal attorney general. His new scheme will deprive you of the most fundamental aspect of gun ownership. […]