The Poisoning of our Veterans Past & Present

The title of this article is far from misleading I can promise you. When I decided to write this article I didn’t realize how deep the rabbit hole went and how much damage had really been done and swept under the rug. During my research I honestly became overwhelmed at how much information was actually out there but never noticed by the public. The only ones that seemed to notice were the Veterans suffering from various neurological disorders, and other diseases that they had that had seemingly come out of nowhere. There was no family history nor was there any warning of what was to come. I almost gave up on writing this article due to the overload and the fact that this hits close to home for me. My husband is one of the victims in this ‘hit & run’ by the government.

With all the information that I was able to uncover, I could probably write an entire book, but that would take years to do and get out to the public eye. The start of this begins at Ft. McClellan, AL which was open from 1917 to 1999. This base was not only a training base it also held a toxic secret. This particular base was a storage facility for some of our chemical & biological munitions. They were stored in underground facilities under the base in “safe” containers. It wasn’t until the base closed down that it was realized that many of the storage doors were open and the containers holding the waste were leaking it directly into the ground and into the groundwater.

During my research I discovered that not only was there an Agent Orange, there was every color of the rainbow made by different chemical companies’ right outside the base in the town of Anniston, AL. Eventually the toxins came to light in that sleepy little town and a settlement of $700 Million was reached to clean the town up. The Veteran’s and the still serving Military at the time never saw a dime nor were they notified regarding the possibility of being poisoned by the same toxic chemicals that our Vietnam Veterans were exposed to. The newer generations of Veterans though weren’t being poisoned by Agent Orange itself but a chemical found in Agent Orange called or otherwise known as PCB’s.

For at least a year before I even thought about this article, there have been private groups on Facebook for the soldiers of Ft. McClellan. There is a website registry also with heartbreaking stories of people who have been poisoned because of just doing their duty and being stationed at this base. I personally have had to watch my own husband go through medical issues to which there is no rhyme, nor reason. No family history or other known factors. It seems that all of these Veterans have one thing in common. They were either stationed at or did basic training at Ft. McClellan.  Be ready to have your hearts broken by all of these men and women who have written that blank check for our freedoms.

I will give you a personal story of my own. As I said earlier in the article my husband did his basic training at Ft. McClellan and also his cold weather training at Gagetown. About 2 years ago when we were at our wits end on why my husband was losing some of his memory and was having difficulty with putting sentences together, the VA Doctor decided to order a MRI and CT scan with contrast of his brain. She then informed us that the frontal lobes of his brain had shrunk. This was on top of the blisters that he has been getting on the bottoms of his feet that were eventually ruled to be a neurological condition. To this day despite numerous requests for copies of the MRI and CT scan, they refuse to release them to us. What are they afraid of?

Regarding HR 2052 it died in committee and never went anywhere we now have HR 411 which is attached lower in the article.

When doing even more to discover what was slowly eating my husband’s health, I uncovered that there is another base where the Army does its cold weather training called Gagetown in New Brunswick, Canada. This area tested highly positive for Agent Orange and Agent Purple. Yes I said Purple. As I previously mentioned they had every color of the rainbow. This is just another link in the already sad realization that our military and government leaders could really care less about our Veterans. I rarely use Wikipedia but it seems that all the information from the Canadian government seems to have been scrubbed off the face of the internet at least for now.  Click here for HR 1372.

This is just the tip of the iceberg to show people the truth. Some of this research is given to us none other than by the Government themselves. Such as the bills on the house floor regarding Ft. McClellan. The bill, HR 411 is to create a registry. It doesn’t say what this registry will be used for. We can hope that it will be used to compensate our Veterans and their families for their pain and suffering from the neurological disorders to the bone loss and more. I personally don’t think that’s what they have in mind. Kind of like the Government knew about the dangers of Agent Orange and denied it for years until they couldn’t deny it any longer.

The earliest article that I have come across with national recognition was a 60 Minutes special titled “Toxic Secret” that spoke about the town of Anniston. AL, as I mentioned before, had received a settlement of $700 Million from a subsidy of Monsanto, and Monsanto themselves.

Sadly Monsanto has known about this since 1969 when a private study was done by a group of people. It was reported to Monsanto then that something was seriously wrong. Monsanto ignored the warnings then and continued to ignore the researchers until finally the DoD got involved and wanted a comprehensive study of what was going on.  I really loved this one done in 1989 and released to the Government in 1990. This is supposed to be a classified document of course but hey it’s been 15 years so time is up and it’s been released.

There are many more stories out there of not only Veterans but their families getting sick because of the negligence of not only our government but also of Monsanto. There are thousands of people out there now suffering from mysterious illnesses and symptoms with no known cause. As I had said at the beginning of this article, I wasn’t going to write it. All of the research pointing to the governments’ duplicity had me angry and sad all at the same time. My own husband living with something we may never fully get answers for in this lifetime. It was strange how life lead me up to doing this article though. We’ve been watching the bills regarding both bases for awhile now just waiting to see where they went. As my husband and I were out one day there was someone outside the Walgreen’s raising money for wounded Veterans activities. Nothing out of the ordinary until we spoke to a woman that was there who had told us that her son had been stationed at Ft. McClellan himself. Recently her son had, had a stroke. He doesn’t have high blood pressure nor does he have heart disease. There is no family history of it either. She went on to tell us of his odd neurological symptoms and was scared she was going to outlive her own son. It was almost mirror of my husband’s symptoms without the stroke.

That particular encounter had me thinking that evening but not in the direction of writing this article. The icing on the cake came when a friend of mine on Facebook posted a fundraiser on Yes the fundraiser was from Veterans from Ft. McClellan. They are working on a documentary regarding the base and its’ toxic secret. It seemed to all line up for me to finally decide to no longer sit quietly. The word needs to get out. Our Veterans need to know what could possibly be killing them. They need the validation that they aren’t going crazy and that there is something seriously wrong. The word needs to spread far and wide to these Veterans and their families so that we can push the government into admitting what they have done. I hope that this reaches everyone it needs to so they may start to heal from thinking that they were going crazy. You’re NOT crazy but our Government is by thinking that the public would never find out and by thinking our Veterans would never know their toxic little secret.

Here are some other links to various articles not added into the main part of the article regarding the situation that is Ft. McClellan, AL.  As you can see as I said before the info has been out there but it seems no one has had the time nor the want to actually pay attention to the problem. I hope now that we do and the families of these Veterans can find reparations legally in this matter.

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