What Protesters Did in St. Louis Last Night Will Make Any Patriotic American Sick

As race baiters and hustlers continue to fan the flames of racism in St. Louis, it seems those involved have lost sight of their initial goals. Their newest efforts have been directed at disrespecting the symbol of our nation.

In an apparent act of outrage, the best thing protesters thought to do was burn the American flag. As seen on several twitter accounts, demonstrators were seen igniting the flag and even fanning the flames with a “Don’t Shoot” sign.

Given that we live in America and the good ol’ Supreme Court has ruled that the burning of the American flag is covered under the First Amendment as free speech, there really isn’t anything that can be done. The hypocrisy here is astounding.

Last night, the crowd could be heard chanting, “Who do you want? Darren Wilson! How do you want him? Dead!” You can see their overall sentiment. Wanting to have the man convicted and sentenced to death in an American court of law, these nitwits decided to take a giant leak on American laws under which they’re claiming the need for justice.

Plain and simple: you want to boast the importance of a nation’s law, don’t insult the country by burning its flag.

What do you think of this – protesters have already gone too far in their pursuit of justice for Mike Brown, but have they just taken it to an entirely different level? Let these delinquents have it in the comments below.

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