Christians Stop Pope’s Muslim Migrant Plan, Use ‘Secret Weapon’ To Wipe Out Radical Islam

Conservative Catholics are rejecting the nutjob leftist’s open border policy, one that Pope Francis is advocating as he encourages countries to take in thousands of unvetted migrants. Instead, many Christian denominations have joined together to ensure that culture and society stay grounded in Christian ideals. Now, they are making their “secret weapon” known and the liberals are freaking out. Don’t miss this. […]


After Sandra Bullock Takes Role As ‘Baby Killing’ Texas Senator, She Gets ‘Nasty Surprise’

Sandra Bullock will star as former Texas State Senator Wendy Davis in a major motion picture. Davis became a darling of the Democratic Party in 2013 when she filibustered for 13 hours wearing “pink sneakers” to make sure late-term abortions became legal in Texas. Seen as a “baby killer” by pro-life Christians, the feminazis embraced her as their hero. Now, after Bullock took on the infamous role, she just got a “nasty surprise” that might change her mind about this movie. […]