Sign Pops Up Overnight At Muslim Cashier’s Register, Two Words Leave Aldi’s Shoppers Livid

Regular shoppers at a local Aldi’s Food Market were shocked to see something new after walking into the store recently. As it turns out, a new sign had popped up overnight on the end of a cashier’s check-out lane – and all it took was two words to leave customers absolutely livid.

Sign Pops Up Overnight At Muslim Cashier’s Register, Two Words Leave Aldi’s Shoppers Livid
Stock image of Aldi’s (right), the sign at a Muslim’s grocery line (right) (Photo Credit: Liam Ferguson/Wikimedia Commons, Twitter)

The incident is taking off on social media after one Twitter user, who goes by the username Ethan, snapped a picture and posted it. Of course, as people are growing sick and tired of the Muslim entitlement mentality and their refusal to assimilate, it’s been shared far and wide, resulting in the image going viral and even international, Bare Naked Islam reports.

Presumably taking place in Liverpool, England, Ethan had merely gone to Aldi’s to pick up a few groceries when he arrived at the checkout counter to see the unimaginable. It wasn’t the Muslim cashier that had set him off but rather the sign at the end of the employee’s lane that left him completely livid.

Come to find out, the entitled brat had made a demand that would inconvenience countless customers for the sake of one man – himself. As can be seen in the image posted on Twitter, the sign reads, “No alcohol is able to be served on this till. Sorry for any inconvenience.”

Sign Pops Up Overnight At Muslim Cashier’s Register, Two Words Leave Aldi’s Shoppers Livid
The controversial “no alcohol” sign (Photo Credit: Twitter)

Of course, the sign was erected on account of the cashier’s religion as Muslims are forbidden from drinking alcohol since Quran 2:219 calls it a “great sin.” However, that excuse rightfully wasn’t good enough for Ethan seeing how many customers were being inconvenienced on account of it.

“Well I won’t be shopping in Aldi anymore,” he tweeted in disgust. “Everyone should retweet this.” As the outraged patron’s concern and sentiments were felt by many, it wasn’t long before his post started to go viral and even caught the attention of Aldi’s itself, and the supermarket chain shot back a four-part response.

Sign Pops Up Overnight At Muslim Cashier’s Register, Two Words Leave Aldi’s Shoppers Livid
Aldi’s response (Photo Credit: Twitter)

According to AOL, it was too little too late as an enraged Ethan didn’t feel that their response was good enough. “Aldi this is absolute garbage,” he angrily shot back. “You are allowing this person to refuse to sell alcohol due to his religion. I will never shop in Aldi again.”

As Western nations are flooded with so-called refugees from Muslim-majority countries, we are seeing that certain people make endless religious demands of their employers. They want breaks for prayer time, they can’t handle alcohol, they can’t handle pork products, and the list goes on and on.

Sadly, if Aldi were to force this guy to stock shelves, he would probably complain that he was handling other forms of non-halal products or having to brush arms with the infidels. In the end, it’s a problem for everyone.

For some reason, though, the left has put such a burden on society to appease these people. In the end, if you can’t fulfill all aspects of a job, you need to search for one elsewhere – period.

If we really want “equality,” we should start expecting the same things from everyone. This is ridiculous, and frankly, if I saw this – a company allowing dozens of customers to be inconvenienced for the sake of one man’s religious preferences – I’d shop somewhere else as well.

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