Soldier Takes Action When He Sees What Two Boys Are Selling At A Taco Bell

Soldier Steps In When He Sees What Black Boys Are Selling At A Taco Bell
Jason Gibson (left) with unidentified woman, One of the boys found at Taco Bell (right)

A man, who was sitting alone and eating his meal at an Alabama Taco Bell, nearly choked on his burrito when he looked up and saw a couple of boys darting around the front of the restaurant. He began to watch closely to see what was going on, when a soldier approached the boys and immediately took action.

Jason Gibson quickly reached for his phone to record a video that’s now gone viral on Facebook, and it’s easy to see why. Two young brothers had been left alone at the fast food joint with some items that they brought from home, which they were trying to sell to anyone who would bother to buy them. After having been passed up and ignored by practically every diner that night, the soldier came to the location and proved he lives by the motto that no man gets left behind.

Identified as LTC Robert Risdon on Facebook, the soldier was asked the same question by the boys that many customer before him ignored — if he would like to buy some desserts that they were selling to help make money for their basic needs. Risdon could have simply declined, demanded to know where their parents were, or pretended not to see them at all. Instead, he did something else that left Gibson feeling proud of those who bravely serve our country wherever they are.

The kindhearted soldier invited the boys up to the register, where he told them to order whatever they wanted to fill their bellies and that dinner that night was on him. With huge smiles and hearts full of gratitude for this stranger, the boys danced around in excitement as they awaited their warm meals.

“Our troops are always taking care of us,” Gibson wrote alongside the touching video that he captured of the soldier’s good deed. “I heard the little one say, ‘I want to be just like [you] when I grow up,’ and saluted him.”

The boys probably don’t have a strong role model in their lives and nobody worthwhile to look up to, but they will always remember what this soldier did for them. The impression this hero left on these kids will hopefully last a lifetime and inspire them to make good decisions and not fall into the negativity that probably surrounds them.

Risdon is an honorable man, who showed that his service to his fellow Americans is not just on the battle field, it’s off duty too — when he’s having his dinner or just going about his day. Sometimes, it’s the small acts that make the biggest impact in ways we may not ever fully know.

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