9 Soldiers Send Raw and Unfiltered Messages to ISIS: ‘ISIS Will Be A Pile of F*****g Corpses’

Soldiers across the nation are getting increasingly fed up with ISIS and their threats, and they are taking to social media to send some threats of their own. Utilizing a popular smartphone app known as Whisper, nine Soldiers sent the Islamic State terror group some unfiltered pictures and messages. Since Whisper guarantees its users absolute anonymity, these guys didn’t hold back or censor their feelings at all.

1. Bring it on!

Signed my contract to to be a Cav Scout in the National Guard. Bring it on ISIS

2. Send me back

Can we just go and eliminate ISIS already? Send me back.

3. All I want to do is kill ISIS

yesterday started a fire in me and now all I want to do is kill isis terrorist

4. We need to have a little talk

I think U.S Armed forces and ISIS need to have a little talk just waiting for Obama to arrange the meeting.

5. Pile of corpses

Huah!  I'm not a war veteran, but I did serve in the Army.  (And both of my sisters are Marines who fought in Afghanistan). Those ISIS fuckers will be a pile of corpses before they reach my front door!!

6. Eliminate ISIS

As much as I dont want the United States to go back to the Middle East I feel like the US needs to go back and eliminate ISIS

7. Destroy them

Does anyone else want the US Military to completely eliminate ISIS?

8. Eradicate them

I think America and her allies should put troops on the ground in Iraq, and eradicate ISIS.

9. They signed their own death certificate

I'm sorry, the US needs to get deal with ISIS. It's too late now, they involved us in it and we need to finish it. They have complete disregard for human rights and have declared war on the US. It's them who signed their death certificate.

The war on social media between ISIS and other individuals and groups has been very prevalent lately. On Twitter, messages with the popular hashtag #AmessageToAmerica and #AmessageToISIS have been tweeted continually. In the end, hashtag diplomacy doesn’t do much to solve any problems, but at least you get the idea of where everyone stands.

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