Entitled Leeches Furious After State Demands 2 Things If They Want Welfare

The entitled are coming out of the woodwork after one state has announced it will require two things from welfare recipients if they want to cash their taxpayer-funded benefits. However, for those hardworking citizens burdened with funding the program, it’s exactly what’s needed to weed out career welfarers.

Certain Mississippians were upset over the state’s decision on July 1, 2014 to force welfare applicants to undergo drug testing for their government assistance, but now a new mandate will require even more from them if they want to continue gaining those costly benefits.

Less than 3 years after a Tampa mother-of-15 declared that “somebody needs to pay for all my children…somebody needs to be held accountable,” her state’s southern neighbor has identified that “somebody” as being the very people believing someone else should pay. Fox News reports that Mississippi has passed a policy forcing all able-bodied food stamp recipients to either work at least 20 hours per week or participate in volunteer work to earn their benefits.

Entitled Leeches Furious After State Demands 2 Things If They Want Welfare
Florida resident Angel Adams says that someone should pay for her 15 children — Mississippi now says that someone should be her.

As one of 10 states that have passed mandates requiring those on the government dole to work, Mississippi is hoping that the new policy will not only put citizens on the path of contributing to the economy, but also crack down on those who are playing the system.

Judge Alex Ferrer explained on “Fox and Friends” that the policy, which went into effect on March 30, will help prevent people from living off the taxpayers’ dime. He said that recipients will no longer be able to use the excuse of not finding a job, since they will have the option of volunteering for community service.

The policy has already increased the number of people working, as one volunteer described his efforts in paying it back to the community.

“I’m working here as part of the SNAP program. For doing 40 hours a month in exchange for keeping my food stamps,” one volunteer named Percy Fayard told WLOX. “I’m not as much focused on consequences of a politician’s decision or a policy change,” Fayard said. “I’m more focused on my reality and my stance right now, and I’m actually just trying to get by day to day.”

Not everyone is against the new policy. In fact, SNAP recipient Percy Fayard is entirely willing to work for his benefits.
Not everyone is against the new policy. In fact, SNAP recipient Percy Fayard is entirely willing to work for his benefits.

Nearly one-fifth of all Mississippians are currently on food stamps, according to Breitbart. The state holds the highest amount of federal aid recipients, with 45.3 percent. It is impossible for a state to thrive while almost half of its residents are financially relying on the other half.

America’s many glorious benefits are unique to our country. Although it is one of the many advantages of such a historically prosperous nation, it’s being manipulated, perverted, and downright abused by some. If we want to be able to afford these often life-saving programs for our truly needy citizens, it’s pertinent to weed out those simply playing the system.

While it’s stereotypical and false to suggest that everyone on welfare is sponging off the government, it’s also delusional to believe that taxpayers aren’t being taken for a ride. It isn’t fair to those who work hard and pay taxes to those who are merely refusing to do the same. Perhaps there’s no way to create a fool-proof system to assist those desperately in need and protect the taxpayers from being abused, but this certainly helps those on welfare, those paying for welfare, and the economy as a whole.

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