Cops & Criminals

VIDEO: Thug Creeps Up On Contractor, Didn’t See Who Was Behind Him

February 27, 2017 Dan Lindsey

A video recently surfacing out of Atlanta, Georgia has gone viral across the internet as a contractor was approached by a thug who was looking for trouble. However, it would appear from the video that the contractor has worked in this part of town before as the thug got a rude awakening that he didn’t expect. […]

Gun Rights

4th U.S. Circuit Court Just Did The UNTHINKABLE To Millions Of Gun Owners

February 23, 2017 Dan Lindsey

In recent weeks, we have seen an all-out attack from the left on our 2nd Amendment rights. Now, it’s going from bad to worse for law-abiding gun owners. Following a blatant anti-2nd Amendment ruling by the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals last week, a new ruling was just unleashed by the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that has millions of gun-owning Americans outraged. […]

Gun Rights

2nd Amendment Haters Just Got Blown Away With More BAD News

February 19, 2017 Dan Lindsey

Gun-loving Americans gave President Donald Trump a mandate to restore the constitutional rights stripped away from us by Barack Obama and his freedom-hating cronies. Now, those corrupt liberals who laughed at law-abiding gun owners for 8 years just got blown away with an epic announcement from Washington, D.C., and we couldn’t be happier. […]

Gun Rights

11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Just Did the UNTHINKABLE To Gun Owners

February 17, 2017 Dan Lindsey

Our 2nd Amendment rights have been under fire from the left for a long time, and many are familiar with Barack Obama’s departing words of disappointment over not having succeeded in major gun control legislation. Now, the judicial liberal branch of our government has just issued an unbelievable ruling that has gun owners furious, as they did the unthinkable to law-abiding citizens. […]

Health & Science

3 Ways Hillary Proved She’s A Forked-Tongue Demon During Last Debate

October 20, 2016 Christy Lee Parker

Last night’s final presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump has given social media plenty to talk about this morning as many fact-checkers and political pundits get to work, dissecting every comment made. However, there were at least 3 times Hillary proved she was a forked-tongue demon, and you didn’t have to be an expert to pick up on it as many “average” Joes caught onto it right away. […]

Gun Rights

[VIDEO] Hillary Is Coming For Our Guns, What She Just Said Is Going Viral

June 5, 2016 Rebecca Diserio

Hillary Clinton appeared with George Stephanopoulos this morning, and her answer on whether the 2nd Amendment is a constitutional right is going viral. Gun owners everywhere are completely floored by her brazen remarks and pandering to those far left liberals. Gun confiscation is on her mind, and you’ll want to lock down all your weapons when you hear what she is saying. […]

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