Gun Rights

When Your Doctor Asks You THIS Question, Answer ‘None Of Your Business’

May 20, 2016 Rebecca Diserio

The tentacles of our “Big Brother” government are out of control, as evidenced by one question that doctors are asking their patients. With the onset of Obamacare, most of us realized the federal government’s computerized system would infringe on our privacy, but little did we know how bad it would get. This is a serious issue, so be ready when the doctor asks you something that’s none of their business. […]

Gun Rights

Judge’s Massive Ruling AGAINST 2nd Amendment Will Have Devastating Effects

April 15, 2016 Christy Lee Parker

The liberal left gun-grabbers won’t stop until they completely destroy the Second Amendment. Unfortunately for law-abiding gun owners, a judge just gave them a helping hand with a massive ruling that will have negative consequences. It’s the first step in eliminating our rights, and some don’t even realize the devastating effect it will have on American gun owners. […]

Gun Rights

Anti-Gun Parents Have Fit Over Dad Exercising Rights, Authorities Cross The Line

March 24, 2016 Rebecca Diserio

One particular Michigan dad is a law-abiding citizen and legally carries a gun. He wants no fame and is just exercising his right to keep and bear arms. However, politically correct parents in his Michigan community are causing waves, and they have the authorities overreacting. What happened to this dad is ridiculous, as authorities crossed the line, acting like wimpy whiners making something out of nothing. […]

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