Muslims See White Couple Eating Ham Pizza, Make Them PAY For Their ‘Sin’

March 20, 2017 Jodi

On Friday night, conservative author and commentator Ann Coulter sat down with Fox News’ Sean Hannity to discuss the devastating consequences of allowing throngs of unvetted refugees into Western countries. Then, in a twist of cruel irony, the issues that she presented were demonstrated in living color just hours later, when a gang of Muslims saw a white couple eating ham pizza and proceeded to make the infidels pay for their “sin.” […]

Revolting Refugees' Actions Prove They Didn't Flee Home Out Of Fear
World News

Revolting Trend Among Refugees Proves They Didn’t Flee Homes In Fear

Among Muslim refugees, a new revolting trend is surfacing, and it proves many of those who claim to be seeking asylum are lying. As we are told to have compassion during this “crisis” for those who fled their homes in fear, the truth is being exposed by the brazen actions of the refugees themselves, and even those who have championed the Muslim refugee cause are now seeing why they can not be trusted. […]


As Muslim Migrants Marry Kids, Citizens Ensure They Won’t Get Away With It

August 16, 2016 Rebecca Diserio

Muslim migrants are doing the unthinkable, marrying girls as young as nine and saying it’s their religious right. As the Muslim population grows, reports show that the number of brides under 16 has increased by 50%. This is plain child abuse, but luckily, many people are now gathering together and fighting back to ensure these Islamists won’t get away with their pedophilia. […]


Merkel Reveals Sick New Plan After Refugees Ravage Germany In Recent Weeks

Angela Merkel’s decision to infiltrate her country with Muslim refugees has had devastating consequences for citizens. In the past 10 days alone, Germany has suffered 4 violent terror attacks, all committed by refugees with radical ties to ISIS. Now, Merkel is revealing a new plan, and considering how refugees have ravaged her country over recent weeks, it can only be described as sick. […]

World News

Merkel Plots New Nazi SUPERSTATE, Leaked Secret Plan Threatens America

June 28, 2016 Rebecca Diserio

Angela Merkel is an old-time communist, who is making a play right out of Adolf Hitler’s book, and it was her plan all along to use the Muslim migrant crisis to push Europe over the edge so she could create a Nazi Superstate. Merkel’s leaked top secret documents are shocking and reveal how she is moving full steam ahead with an evil plan that threatens America. […]

Cops & Criminals

Muslim Thugs Sexually Assault Girl, But They’ll Never Forget Her Sweet Revenge

May 18, 2016 Rebecca Diserio

A seventeen-year-old German girl was out having a good time on New Year’s Eve, when a gang of Muslim thugs started sexually assaulting her. All over Germany that night, gangs of Muslim thugs attacked German women, and her attackers were let go by authorities. Recently, fate allowed her a huge moment of sweet revenge, and you’ll be cheering when you hear how she took matters into her own hands. […]


Obama Makes Trump Butt Of His Jokes At White House Correspondents Dinner

May 1, 2016 Dawn Parabellum

Donald Trump was not in attendance at the White House Correspondents Dinner (WHCD) Saturday night, but that didn’t stop Barack Obama from using his speaking time to rip apart the GOP front-runner while praising others. Although it isn’t surprising to see Obama take cheap shots, the president made sure he dedicated a significant amount of time to roasting Trump. […]

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