Hamas-Linked CAIR Rep Says 8 Words That Leave Trump Supporters FURIOUS

February 12, 2017 Jodi

An immigrant who was afforded every opportunity in the world is now whining about how hard life is in America, thanks to religious persecution. This idea is utterly laughable since she hails from Pakistan, which is not exactly the leading authority on human rights or religious liberty. The woman, who also happens to be a representative for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, uttered 8 words that are sure to make any American patriot furious. […]


Trump Drops Bomb On Muslim Terrorists In America, You’ll Love This

November 18, 2016 Rebecca Diserio

Barack Obama’s days are numbered, and America’s biggest Muslim terrorist group, Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), is scrambling like rats going down on a ship. CAIR spewed Islamophobia rhetoric, calling Americans racist if they didn’t want unvetted Muslim migrants allowed into the US, but now, they are absolutely losing it over the bomb President-elect Donald Trump just dropped, putting them on notice. […]

Trump Shocks With PERFECT Plan For Muslim Brotherhood He Just Announced

Trump Shocks With PERFECT Plan For Muslim Brotherhood He Just Announced

President-elect Donald Trump is not one to tip-toe around the issues, which liberals realize and are bracing themselves for the wave of uncomfortable change that’s coming. Picking up where eight years of lame-duck leadership has left the U.S., Trump isn’t wasting time getting a jump on making America great again, starting with “special” plans for the Muslim Brotherhood. […]

Gun Rights

Muslim Group LIES After ‘Gun Giveaway’ Arms Americans Against Terrorists

September 20, 2016 Rebecca Diserio

Congressman Tom Tancredo sponsored a “Gun Giveaway” to arm Americans against radical Muslim terrorists, but there seems to be a problem. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which has links to the Muslim Brotherhood, has been caught in a huge lie about the giveaway. CAIR’s attempt to paint Americans as ruthless racists failed, and Second Amendment-loving Americans are getting the last laugh. […]

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