Obama & McCain’s Secret Plot To Screw Trump During August Vacation Has Patriots On Alert

Barack Obama and John McCain have hatched a secret plot to undermine President Donald Trump during his August vacation away from the White House. Obama and Valerie Jarrett put the plot in motion right before Barack left for Martha’s Vineyard on August 5th so he could deny that he had anything to do with it. Those patriots who support Trump are on high alert, and this is something every American needs to know. […]


Clinton Insider Warns Of ‘Disturbing Visitors’ At Obama’s Secret War Room 2 Miles From WH

Clinton insider Dick Morris has revealed that something very disturbing is going on just 2 miles away from the White House. Barack Obama has leased offices near Capitol Hill, and now, reports are coming in that one of those offices is getting really active with many people coming and going at a frenzy-like pace. Morris found out what is going on inside that office, and you’ll be shocked at what he has to say. […]


Trump Delivers 3 Words To McCain After He Screws All Americans Just Like Benedict Arnold

John McCain was to be the hero, but he morphed into Benedict Arnold overnight. He betrayed his fellow Americans by joining the slimeballs in the Democratic Party in what will go down as one of the most cowardly moves ever in Congress. His hatred for President Donald Trump caused him to screw his fellow countrymen. Well, Trump has three brutal words for him today, and Americans say he needs to go back to Arizona and stay there for whatever time he has left. […]


Ben & Jerry’s Force Liberal Agenda On Customers, Backfires After What’s Found In Ice Cream

Ben & Jerry’s is one company on the list of those which use their popularity to force a liberal agenda on their customers. The ice cream giant has, over the years, produced a flavor inspired by socialist Senator Bernie Sanders and knowingly hired illegal immigrants, just to name a few of their most notorious blunders. These political stunts have all backfired, though, after what was just found in samples of the company’s premium ice cream. […]

Fate Slaps Ohio Pervert Who Raped Girlfriend’s Toddler To Death With Brutal Prison Justice
Cops & Criminals

Ohio Pervert Raped Girlfriend’s Toddler To Death, Finally Gets What He Deserves In Prison

Despite raping his girlfriend’s 3-year-old daughter and being sentenced to death, an Ohio pervert thought he would live out a long life in prison as he continued to appeal the court decision for years. Unfortunately for him, things just took a nasty turn for him. He just got slapped with the perfect dose of justice that he rightfully deserved while behind bars. […]


McCain’s Staff Hides Truth About Illness, Reports Of Bizarre Behavior & Outbursts Surface

Senator John McCain was just diagnosed with a grave illness, stunning the GOP. Many are convinced the McCain camp knew for quite some time that the 80-year-old politician was suffering from a disease that compromised his mental faculties as they hid his bizarre behavior and angry outbursts. Now, Americans are shocked to learn how bad things got behind the scenes as the truth about his illness, which his staff refused to report, has surfaced. […]

Doctors Make Simple Mistake, Mom Horrified When She's Left With A Hole In Her Face
Health & Science

Doctors Make Costly Mistake, Texas Mom Horrified When She’s Left With A ‘Hole’ In Her Face

A pregnant woman from Austin, Texas, noticed a discoloration on her face that she would eventually assume was caused by her pregnancy hormones after visiting a dermatologist, who claimed the mark was a harmless liver spot. However, several months later, the young mother paid the price for her doctor’s costly mistake, and now, she’s warning others after she was left with a hole in her face. […]