Muslims See White Couple Eating Ham Pizza, Make Them PAY For Their ‘Sin’

March 20, 2017 Jodi

On Friday night, conservative author and commentator Ann Coulter sat down with Fox News’ Sean Hannity to discuss the devastating consequences of allowing throngs of unvetted refugees into Western countries. Then, in a twist of cruel irony, the issues that she presented were demonstrated in living color just hours later, when a gang of Muslims saw a white couple eating ham pizza and proceeded to make the infidels pay for their “sin.” […]

Refugee Gang Rapists Run Screaming When Lady Pulls Out Her 'Secret Weapon'

Refugee Gang Rapists Run Screaming When Lady Pulls Out Her ‘Secret Weapon’

December 14, 2016 Dom the Conservative

A woman was taking a Sunday morning stroll through a wooded area when 3 male asylum seekers decided to restrain her, strip off her clothes, and brutally gang rape her. However, just before they could carry out their heinous assault, they found out the only reason she was walking alone in the woods in the first place was because she has an effective “secret weapon.” […]

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Muslim Migrants On Welfare Stage Protest, Their Demands Will Piss You Off

June 20, 2016 Rebecca Diserio

Just when you thought you heard it all, Muslim migrants who are on welfare are staging a huge protest, demanding their “rights.” There’s one thing in particular that many see as a luxury, but the demanding Muslims say it is a right, and you’ll be shocked at the migrants’ entitled behavior and totally pissed off when you learn what they think they deserve at the taxpayers’ expense. […]

Group Makes Largest Viking Discovery In Denmark To Date
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Guy’s Metal Detector Goes Off, Sees Something Shiny While Digging… JACKPOT

June 17, 2016 Robert Rich

While out on what appeared to be a fun-filled day with the family, a group of three amateur archaeologists and a child decided to take their metal detectors out to see what they could find. However, when one of the devices indicated something was beneath their feet, they began digging only to see something glimmering in the dirt – and that’s when they knew they hit the jackpot. […]

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