Obama-Loving Judge Who Blocked Trump’s Ban Just Got CAREER-ENDING News

March 22, 2017 Jodi

When President Donald Trump temporarily banned travel from certain Muslim-majority countries until more thorough vetting procedures are established, the left denounced his plan as “racist,” “bigoted,” “Islamophobic,” and a slew of other absurdities. Included in the naysayers were activist judges who blocked Trump’s travel ban for their own partisan reasons, one of whom just received what could be career-ending news. […]


Trump’s Secret Memo Gets EXPOSED, Illegals Are In For A NASTY Surprise

February 21, 2017 Jodi

According to memos from the Trump administration, illegal aliens are in for a nasty surprise now that there’s a new sheriff in town. During his campaign, the president promised to rid the United States of costly illegal immigrants who are eating up our resources and wreaking havoc on our communities, and he is swiftly making good on his word. […]


Obama’s DHS Cronies Literally Cry After Trump Crushes Their Muslim Dream

January 31, 2017 Rebecca Diserio

As President Donald Trump whips the government into shape, those cronies hired by Barack Obama at the Department of Homeland Security are complaining that Trump’s agenda has them “literally crying at their desks.” These liberal whiners are all up in arms as Trump crushes their dream, but you’re going to love how our new president is ensuring America comes first. […]

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