Hillary’s Freaking Out, Here’s The Shocking Dirty SECRET Trump Will Expose

Donald Trump is going full nuclear war on Hillary Clinton. Last night, he promised to expose a dirty secret so bad that her campaign is freaking out. Trump has game-changing information, which is causing many Americans who support Hillary to rethink where they will cast their vote. The explosive dirty secret Hillary has been trying to hide for years is shocking, and she wants it kept quiet. […]


Sheriff Clarke Blasts Anti-Trump Thugs, Exposing Their Tactics With 3 Words

Sheriff David Clarke recently had another one of his no-nonsense takes on the left’s insider plans to stop Trump from becoming president that Americans need to hear. The sheriff called out the anti-Trump thugs, exposing their tactics, and blasted ringleader Attorney General Loretta Lynch, who’s allowing them to get away with it. With just 3 words, Clarke exposed the truth that the left wants to ignore. […]

U.S. News

Valedictorian Tweets ‘Free Ride To College,’ But Gets Busted Over 4 Last Words

Mayte Lara wanted to brag about graduating top of her class from Crockett High School in Austin, Texas, but she went way too far. Lara made a huge mistake when she added four explosive words to the end of a tweet, boasting about her “free ride.” Now, her life is being turned upside down, throwing the high school graduate into hiding since she’s scared authorities may be looking for her. […]


After Allowing Attacks At Trump Rally, San Jose Police Chief’s Secret Is Exposed

The brutal and vicious attacks against Donald Trump supporters in San Jose, California were made much worse when the police chief ordered officers to “stand down,” allowing the attacks to not only continue but worsen. Now, the word is out about the police chief, Eddie Garcia, as his secret has been exposed. He’s going to have a hard time explaining this one. […]

Cops & Criminals

After Threatening To Kill Trump, Thug’s Latest Video Got Him What He Deserves

In the stupid criminal category comes idiot rapper Demarcus Davis, 22, who received national attention after he threatened to kill Donald Trump if he cut off his “momma’s food stamps.” Just how stupid is Davis? Well, apparently he didn’t learn his lesson the first time, and his latest video incriminated him so badly that you’ll take delight in seeing him get exactly what he deserves. […]


Watch CNN Badger Trump Over ‘Racism’ In A Way Never Done To Democrats

CNN’s Jake Tapper was all over Donald Trump on Friday. The CNN host badgered Trump by asking him 23 times if the Republican’s comments about the judge in the Trump University case were racist. Trump was hammered in a way we’ve never seen a Democrat done in an interview. It seems Trapper wanted a certain answer, and he was going to keep trying until he got it. […]