After Terror Attack, People Horrified To See What Muslim Was Doing Nearby

After Terror Attack, Onlookers Sickened To See What Muslim Was Doing Nearby

March 23, 2017 Robert Rich

Although there are several disturbing images across social media that depict the horrors of the terror attack in London, one seems to be standing out above the rest. As it turns out, a single picture is going viral as onlookers were sickened to see what a lone Muslim was doing as Britons were lying bloodied in the street, dying – and it’s utterly disgusting. […]


Muslim Parks His Car Next To School For Sick Act, Gets SHOCK Of His Life

March 20, 2017 Dan Lindsey

As Kadir Kadir parked his car next to an elementary school, he pulled his shorts down and began performing a disgusting sex act on himself as a large group of four to five-year-olds played on the playground only 12 feet away on the other side of the school’s fence. Little did the pervert know, he was about to get the shock of his life because of his supposed sickening moment alone. […]

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