Actress INFURIATES Hollywood Libs, Actually Tells The TRUTH About Muslims

March 20, 2017 Jodi

There isn’t much room for diversity of opinion among the liberal Hollywood elite. In fact, expressing views which are traditionally conservative or even moderate is likely to get you blackballed. Although the risk is substantial, one actress is speaking out to educate others on Muslims and their religion, and she’s infuriating her colleagues by doing so. […]


OUTRAGE: Texas High School Brings Back Prayer But Not For Christians

March 19, 2017 Dan Lindsey

A Texas high school is causing public outrage after building a prayer room on campus for certain students to say their prayers and worship at school as long as they aren’t Christians. Only students of one faith are allowed to pray and worship at this public high school’s prayer room, and it will make your blood boil. Luckily, they are getting what they deserve. […]

US Deports Muslim After Seeing What He Did With Scissors To 2-Year-Old Girl

US Deports Muslim After Seeing What He Did With Scissors To 2-Year-Old Girl

March 16, 2017 Dom the Conservative

After a Muslim migrant’s visa was approved, he moved into a quiet town in Georgia with his wife and 2-year-old daughter. However, authorities soon discovered that the migrant had taken a pair of scissors and done something so unspeakable to the little girl that it lead to his imprisonment, deportation, and new legislation, marking the first crime of this proportion in the U.S. […]


Western Muslims ‘Party’ With Little Girls, Nurses Included For Sick Reason

December 15, 2016 Christy Lee Parker

A gross trend is emerging as Muslims migrate to Western nations, bringing Islamic teachings with them. Allegedly fleeing the barbaric practices of their home countries, they are now inflicting the same savagery in the West. Devout Muslims are holding disturbing “parties” for little girls, with nurses included for one sick reason. Islamic values and leftist ideals are colliding as the gut-churning events are exposed. […]

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