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While Wearing Pink P#ssy Hats, Feminists Found New Item To Call Sexist

March 23, 2017 Dawn Parabellum

It’s difficult to go about daily life without offending a feminist. They tend to get riled up over ridiculous and often imaginary issues, being unaware they have the same rights as men and shouting about the non-existent patriarchy. If they have nothing to be mad about during any given day, they will make something up, as one company found out after making a product for Breast Cancer Awareness. […]


Actress INFURIATES Hollywood Libs, Actually Tells The TRUTH About Muslims

March 20, 2017 Jodi

There isn’t much room for diversity of opinion among the liberal Hollywood elite. In fact, expressing views which are traditionally conservative or even moderate is likely to get you blackballed. Although the risk is substantial, one actress is speaking out to educate others on Muslims and their religion, and she’s infuriating her colleagues by doing so. […]

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NO JOKE: Feminazi Politician’s LAW Fines Men $100 For Masturbating In Texas

March 14, 2017 Rebecca Diserio

Texas Representative Jessica Farrar (D-Houston) is a rabid and truly disturbed pro-abortion politician. Wanting women to be uninformed, she’s pissed that they are required to read an informational booklet before aborting their child. Now, she is striking back with an actual law that fines men $100 every time they masturbate, calling it a crime against the sanctity of life, but that’s not all. […]


Before ‘Feminists’ March For Me, Here’s What I Want Them To Know

January 23, 2017 Christy Lee Parker

After sharing my thoughts about the recent Women’s March on Facebook, rabid “feminists” quickly attacked, displaying their “love” and “tolerance” as they “lovingly” called me a twat and worse. That didn’t bother me. What irritated me was the “We did this for you” remarks. Before these feminists march for me again, there’s something I want them to know. […]

[Video] Crazy Black Feminist Proves That Stereotypes Are Based On Facts
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Video: Crazy Black Feminist Records ‘Attack,’ Doesn’t Go As She Hoped

There’s a stereotype for pretty much every sector of our society. Some are good, and some are pretty negative, but, like it or not, all of them are based on a certain amount of truth. One black woman, who is obviously a rabid feminist, decided to represent two terrible stereotypes at once as she arrogantly filmed her own racism and cruelty, but she’s not getting the reaction she probably hoped for. […]

Feminist Agenda To Blame For Dangerous New Twist On Policy

Feminist Agenda To Blame For Dangerous New Twist On Military Policy

A new twist on a recent military policy just happened in Washington, sparking a passionate debate throughout the country. Feminists are one step closer to obtaining their end goal of destroying all things unique to being a woman — even for those us who rather enjoy being one. This most recent agenda advancement could potentially bring about a violent and bloody end to many female lives, but there’s not much that can be done to stop it. […]

Freak Feminist Teacher FORBIDS Boys From Playing With Legos To ‘Help’ Girls
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Freak Feminist Teacher FORBIDS Boys From Playing With Legos To ‘Help’ Girls

Just when you thought you’ve heard it all, a freak feminist teacher has proudly declared that she forbids the boys in her class from playing with one of the most popular toys to ever hit the shelves – Legos. But even crazier than forbidding boys from playing with the plastic building blocks is the reason she’s doing so. I hope you’re sitting down for this. […]

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