Texas Gov. Puts The SMACKDOWN On Sanctuary County With Liberal Sheriff

February 2, 2017 Dan Lindsey

At a time when President Donald Trump is breathing new life into law enforcement agencies nationwide, there are people like Sheriff Sally Hernandez of Travis County, who want to continue down the path of destructive sanctuary city policies. Today, Hernandez got an epic rude awakening from Texas Governor Greg Abbott that has her living in regret. […]


Arizona’s Proposed Tax Break Might Have You Wanting To Change States

January 28, 2016 Dawn Parabellum

As we all know, the liberal ideology circles around subsidizing almost everything. It means the government paying for bailouts and increasing the welfare state created by their failed liberal economic policies. Now, another state is jumping in with both feet, but not in a way that everyone is going to like. People will be fleeing from or running to Arizona, depending how they view this new subsidy. […]


Texas Gov. Just SMACKED DOWN Sheriff Of ‘Sanctuary’ City, Here’s His Plan

Texas Governor Greg Abbott isn’t a fan of so-called “sanctuary” cities in his state, and he took aim at one particular lawless sheriff, who also happens to be a Latina herself, after she announced she wouldn’t be honoring immigration detainers sent to her from the federal government. Anybody in favor of stemming the flow of illegals over the border definitely needs to see what he has planned for sheriffs like her. […]

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