After Standing Up For Traditional Marriage, Chip & Joanna Rewarded BIG TIME

March 28, 2017 Jodi

Chip and Joanna Gaines are one of the most well-recognized Christian couples on television these days, which has made them a target for the left. Last year, during the height of the controversy over gay marriage following the Supreme Court’s landmark decision and the subsequent persecution of Christians who refused to support homosexual unions, the Gaines family became an easy punching bag for radical progressives. However, they stuck to their guns, and now they are being rewarded big time. […]

Lesbian Mayor Thought She Could Attack Christians — Court Proved Her Wrong

Lesbian Mayor Thought She Could Attack Christians — Court Proves Her Wrong

July 28, 2015 Dom the Conservative

Although the LGBT had the left convinced that their demands would stop at “marriage equality,” conservative Christians knew that mutating the definition of marriage was only the first step to getting a queer foot in the door. On top of forcing private and religious entities to accept and support homosexuality and transgenderism, the special interest minority group has begun a movement of suing and introducing legislation that seeks to completely silence all contrary opinion to their sexual agenda. […]

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