Smug Illegal Teens Rape Innocent Girl, Not Laughing When Cops Arrive
Cops & Criminals

After Thugs Force Young Girl Into Boy’s Bathroom, Cops Make Sick Discovery

March 19, 2017 Alisha Rich

A 14-year-old girl went to school, thinking it was going to be another ordinary day. Unfortunately, things were far from routine when two smug teens decided to force her into the boy’s bathroom. That’s not all that the sick punks did to the young girl, but as soon as the police arrived, her attackers were no longer laughing as cops made another disturbing discovery about them. […]


Trump Scores Huge Immigration Win, Unexpectedly Kills 2 Birds With 1 Stone

March 17, 2017 Dawn Parabellum

Illegal immigration has been a big issue for Americans, and one of the cornerstones of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. Following through on his promises, Trump is actively attempting to eliminate the problem and gained an unexpectedly huge win. Killing two birds with one stone, some illegal immigrants inadvertently began clearing up one problem all on their own, and it’s all because of Trump. […]

Cops & Criminals

Illegal Alien Rapist Leaves Teen Girl Bleeding, Gets Dose Of TRUMP JUSTICE

March 14, 2017 Michael DePerry

A teen girl was separated from her friend at a party and later found bleeding and visibly distressed. Under President Barack Obama’s administration, the illegal immigrant who left her that way may have gotten away with it, but not now. Thanks to President Donald Trump, this illegal alien rapist is getting the dose of justice that he rightfully deserves. […]


Trump-Hating Rep. Luis Gutierrez Pisses Off ICE Agents, Gets EPIC Justice

March 14, 2017 Dan Lindsey

Trump-hating Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) recently said that President Donald Trump is “a threat to me” and “a threat to America,” but Gutierrez has just been served an epic dose of justice after he royally pissed off ICE agents in Chicago who were less than amused with his liberal antics. Seeing what these ICE agents did to him after losing their patience with this liberal will make your day. […]

Health & Science

CDC Announces Latest Deadly ‘Gift’ Illegals Have Brought to U.S. Citizens

January 4, 2017 Jodi

Donald Trump’s hardline stance on immigration and the security of our Southern Border was greatly criticized during his successful 2016 presidential campaign. However, the importance of such a policy for our nation’s safety is being drilled home now that the CDC has announced the latest deadly “gift” illegals have brought to U.S. citizens, proving once again that the right man won on November 8. […]

Terrorists Sneak Across Border, Detained By Border Patrol

What Snuck Into USA Is Bad News Obama NEVER Wanted You To Know About

January 6, 2016 Robert Rich

With the multiple threats America is currently experiencing, you’d think the leader of this nation would be doing a bit more to ensure the safety of the American population. Unfortunately, seeing how his main strategy is to evade and ignore, it seems that something truly evil was able to sneak its way across the border – and it’s something Barack Obama never wanted you to know about. […]

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