Obama SPIED On Trump For Years, NSA Documents Prove Comey Wrong

March 20, 2017 Rebecca Diserio

Barack Obama’s preference for spying on Americans is widely known, and that includes Donald Trump when he was a civilian. No matter what FBI Director James Comey is trying to sell on Capitol Hill at the heavily partisan Senate hearings, most Americans don’t trust him. With leaks coming out of the intelligence community daily, it’s important to look at the NSA documents that prove somebody in Washington, D. C. isn’t telling the truth. […]

Badass Sheriff Joe Suggested For PERFECT Job In Trump's Administration
Cops & Criminals

Badass Sheriff Joe Suggested For PERFECT Job In Trump’s Administration

Joe Arpaio is well known for being the badass sheriff from Maricopa County, Arizona. He set up a tent city and forced many illegal immigrant inmates to wear pink underwear and do their time without any creature comforts. After serving for 24 years, Joe was defeated for reelection this year, but that may be a blessing for us all. Now, he’s free to take a job in Donald Trump’s administration that fits him perfectly. […]

Grandpa Ditches Grandchild In The Desert & That’s Not Even The Worst Part
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Grandpa Ditches Granddaughter In The Desert & That’s Not Even The Worst Part

November 3, 2015 Alisha Rich

For most grandparents, there isn’t a single thing in the world that would be more important than having the opportunity to hang out with their grandkids. Unfortunately, one grandfather near Phoenix, Arizona decided that something was more pressing during his time spent with his granddaughter, so he ditched her in the desert, but sadly that’s not even the worst of what he did. […]

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