‘You’re Stupid!’: McCain Explodes At Reporter, Angry After His ‘Dirty Secret’ Got Exposed

Senator John McCain completely lost his mind when a Fox News reporter asked him a certain question about President Donald Trump, calling the reporter “stupid” and the question “dumb.” McCain was so pissed off, he turned red as he spat vile things at the reporter, Peter Doocy, totally humiliating him. Well, now, we know why. McCain exploded as a way to hide his “dirty secret” that just got exposed. You don’t want to miss this. […]


After McCain Spotted Passing Comey ‘Fake Doc On Trump,’ They Get Nasty Surprise From FEDS

Senator John McCain and former FBI Director James Comey are in hot water after McCain was spotted delivering what turned out to be a dossier of fake news on Donald Trump. This bombshell information is just the tip of the iceberg, and the mainstream media is refusing to report this huge development. You’ll be shocked at the nasty surprise McCain and Comey just got from the “feds” as their secret plan to oust Trump is revealed. […]


Trump-Hating Female ‘Dwarf’ Gets A Nasty Surprise From Cop After Telling One Big Lie

A screaming woman with dwarfism attended recent hearings on Capitol Hill, and she was a plant by Barack Obama’s followers who will stop at nothing to make sure his legacy stays the law of the land. Using this mentally unhinged dwarf really is an all-time low, even for the Obama camp, and you’ll be shocked at the dwarf’s actions as one lone cop gives her a nasty surprise she never saw coming after she told one big lie. […]


Trump Furious As RINO John McCain Makes Shocking Decision About Saving Obamacare

As Americans wait to see if our do-nothing Congress will finally get rid of Obamacare, RINO John McCain (R-AZ) has announced a shocking decision that most assuredly has President Donald Trump furious. With this new development, there is no doubt that our overpaid politicians would rather waste our tax dollars on pointless investigations than to actually do their damn jobs. […]


After McCain Screwed Americans On Obamacare, Meghan Lands Big Starring Role On Liberal TV

Meghan McCain has been absent on Fox News since her dad had surgery for his brain cancer. Many people thought Meghan was taking time out to spend time with her dad, but there’s way more to the story. It seems like the Arizona senator’s betrayal, refusing to vote out Obamacare, is getting paid back in spades by the liberal Hollywood crowd. Meghan, who isn’t known as a potential mega-star, just landed the role of her lifetime. […]

Trump Receives Amazing News from Alabama Conservatives, RINOs Will be Wringing Their Hands!

Trump Gets Amazing News From Alabama Conservatives, Career Politicians Panic

Although President Donald Trump won overwhelming support from conservatives across the country during the 2016 election, the GOP establishment has consistently failed to get the message. Traitorous RINOs like John McCain, Mitch McConnell, and Paul Ryan have done all they can to stop Trump’s legislative agenda. However, a clear message from Alabama conservatives is making the back-stabbers tremble in fear. […]

Just In: Sessions Officially Delivers Trump's Decision on DACA, Liberals Preparing to Riot!

Just In: Sessions Officially Delivers Trump’s Decision On DACA, Liberals Prepare To Riot

After months of waiting, patriots now have a definitive answer about the future of former President Barack Obama’s illegal DACA amnesty. President Donald Trump just sent illegals a clear message about respecting our nation’s laws — and angry liberals are already preparing their riot gear. In return, Americans must be prepared for the violent chaos that’s likely to ensue. Here’s what we know. […]


Trump Catches McCain In ‘Secret Plot’ Against Him In Italy, Plans Nasty Surprise

Arizona Senator John McCain is not in the United States, but you might think that he is after his scathing op-ed against President Donald Trump in the Washington Post, today. No, McCain has been spotted in Italy, and he is not on vacation. You’ll be shocked as McCain is caught red-handed at a “secret” meeting with evil enemies of America. However, Trump is ready with a nasty surprise for McCain, and it’s something he never will forget. […]