Actress INFURIATES Hollywood Libs, Actually Tells The TRUTH About Muslims

March 20, 2017 Jodi

There isn’t much room for diversity of opinion among the liberal Hollywood elite. In fact, expressing views which are traditionally conservative or even moderate is likely to get you blackballed. Although the risk is substantial, one actress is speaking out to educate others on Muslims and their religion, and she’s infuriating her colleagues by doing so. […]

Transgender Teacher Makes Students/Staff Pay When They Refuse To Say 1 Word

Transgender Teacher Makes Students Pay When They Refuse To Say 1 Word

May 27, 2016 Dom the Conservative

An entitled transgender teacher at an elementary school recently began making disturbing demands of her co-workers and students as soon as President Barack Obama announced sick changes to the school system. However, when students and fellow teachers refused to say one simple word, the bossy woman lodged a legal complaint, forcing everyone in the school to pay for it. […]

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Honorable & Devoted War Hero Fired Over ‘Insults’ Against LGBT Community

May 20, 2016 Dawn Parabellum

Ex-Delta Force hero, Lt. General Jerry Boykin, has been fired from his job at a Virgina college after a comment he made. His remark had the LGBT community and liberals running for their safe spaces. Now, he’s paying the price for the “insult.” General Boykin will not be heading back to the classroom to teach, because he made the mistake of making a joke that liberals didn’t like. […]

Woman Hears Voice In Ross Store Fitting Room, What She Saw Sent Her Running
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Woman Hears Voice In Ross Store Fitting Room, What She Saw Sent Her Running

May 18, 2016 Dom the Conservative

As a woman was trying on clothes in a Ross department store fitting room, she suddenly heard a voice in the stall next to her. Immediately realizing what was happening, she bolted for the door and flagged down a manager. Right after she told the employee what happened, she couldn’t decide if she was more shocked by the horrifying incident or the manager’s disgusting response. […]

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