WATCH: Maxine Waters Makes Good On Promise To ‘Attack’ Carson, Doesn’t End Well For Her

Crazy Congresswoman Maxine Waters was up to her usual antics on Thursday, when Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson appeared before the House Committee on Financial Services. The California Democrat has been telling her supporters for months that she intended to attack Carson, calling him an “educated fool.” However, when she made good on her promise this week, it didn’t end well for her. […]


Pelosi & Waters In Panic Mode, Capitol Hill Pharmacist Reveals Their ‘Dirty Little Secret’

Politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters are in panic mode today, thanks to a bombshell report pertaining to their physical and mental health. Capitol Hill’s most notorious pharmacist has spoken to the media to reveal the “dirty little secret” these lawmakers have been hiding, and it will make you very worried about the future of our nation. […]


Gowdy Unleashes Hell On Democrats, Exposes Their ‘Sick Secret’ At Trump Witch Hunt Hearing

Trey Gowdy was back on Capitol Hill for the latest “Trump Witch Hunt” hearings put on by the House Intel Committee. However, Gowdy was not alone — Roger Stone, President Donald Trump’s longtime friend and ally, was called by Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff to testify. Schiff tried to get Stone to lie about Trump, but it went horribly wrong as Gowdy unleashed holy hell on the Democrats, exposing their “sick secret.” […]


Mad Maxine Loses It, Disrupts Funeral Screaming ‘Trump-KKK’ As Her Sick Secret Comes Out

Maxine Waters won’t stop her crazy rants until she self-destructs, and she’s getting pretty darn close to a complete mental breakdown. Her latest antics at a funeral, where she started screaming “Trump-KKK,” are so over the top and distasteful that even those who support her are staying clear of Auntie Maxine these days. What’s worse is her sick secret just came out, and it’s something she was trying to hide for over 12 months. It looks like Maxine Waters is sinking fast. You don’t want to miss this. […]


Black Trump Supporter Brutally Attacked, Gives Antifa Feminazi A Nasty Surprise

R.C. Maxwell is a black Donald Trump supporter, who is involved in exposing the hatred and violence of the Antifa thugs. Maxwell bravely attempts to engage Antifa in open discourse, and as a young African-American conservative, he usually finds only violence, no conversation. Maxwell has been brutally beaten for his beliefs, so when one obnoxious Antifa feminist came along to start trouble, the young Trump supporter gave her a nasty surprise that stopped her dead in her tracks. […]


VIDEO: Fed-up Woman From Maxine’s District Hunts Her Down In DC, Delivers Nasty Surprise

One of Maxine Water’s constituents decided it was high time to confront the poverty pimp, even if she had to go all the way from California to Washington, D.C. to do it. Chanell Temple is a Donald Trump supporter, but she wasn’t always. After years of watching her community suffer under Mad Max, she is so fed-up that she just wants her gone now. Chanell captured video as she hunted down Auntie Maxine at her D.C. office, and you’re going to love the nasty surprise she delivered. […]

Ghetto Shoplifter Threatens to Shoot Store Employees, Security Guard Teaches Him a Little Respect
Cops & Criminals

Ghetto Shoplifter Threatens To Shoot Store Employees, Gets Taught A Little Respect

The world is full of cowards who talk tough and prey on the weak. It’s always satisfying to watch a low-life get his just desserts, which is what happened to one sticky-fingered punk who made the big mistake of biting off more than he could chew. After the ghetto shoplifter threatened to shoot store employees, he was taught a little respect — a lesson that he won’t soon forget. […]

Maxine Waters Goes On Embarrassing Rant Against Jeff Sessions, Patriots Give Her EPIC Schooling!

Maxine Waters Goes On Embarrassing Rant Against Jeff Sessions, Gets Schooled By Patriots

Maxine Waters (D-CA) is the biggest laughingstock in the political community. She’s on a non-stop tirade against President Donald Trump as a way of distracting from her own long list of scandals. However, when she tried slandering hero Jeff Sessions as a “racist,” patriots showed her how woefully uninformed she really is. To say the Poverty Pimp got schooled is putting it mildly. […]