Pelosi Looks Drunk, Can’t Answer 1 Thing She Should Know Better Than Anyone

March 22, 2017 Rebecca Diserio

The Democrats are in panic mode as Nancy Pelosi seems to be cracking up. Appearing with Anderson Cooper, her brain seemed to short-circuit despite the friendly questioning from a fellow liberal, leaving her looking to viewers as if she had been drinking or was medicated. Whatever the case, she exhibited a memory glitch, and you’ll be shocked by the one question she couldn’t answer, which she should know better than anyone else. […]


Nancy Pelosi Tries To Silence Trump, What Happens Instead Is Pure Gold

March 21, 2017 Jodi

The stress of watching Hillary Clinton lose the election and subsequently being forced to witness President Donald Trump undo Barack Obama’s legacy piece by piece appears to be taking a heavy toll on House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who seems to be mentally deteriorating before our very eyes. Over the weekend, she tried to silence Trump, but thanks to her own stupidity, what happened instead was pure gold. […]


Obama SPIED On Trump For Years, NSA Documents Prove Comey Wrong

March 20, 2017 Rebecca Diserio

Barack Obama’s preference for spying on Americans is widely known, and that includes Donald Trump when he was a civilian. No matter what FBI Director James Comey is trying to sell on Capitol Hill at the heavily partisan Senate hearings, most Americans don’t trust him. With leaks coming out of the intelligence community daily, it’s important to look at the NSA documents that prove somebody in Washington, D. C. isn’t telling the truth. […]


MSNBC Bans Kellyanne Conway, One Month Later Gets BRUTAL Reality Check

March 12, 2017 Jodi

In a move which ultimately demonstrated the mainstream media’s deep-seated liberal bias, MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski decided to ban Kellyanne Conway after the counselor to the president misspoke on the topic of Lieutenant General Michael Flynn. It has now been a month since Brzezinski and MSNBC’s fateful decision, and they are both in for a brutal reality check. […]