After Terror Attack, People Horrified To See What Muslim Was Doing Nearby

After Terror Attack, Onlookers Sickened To See What Muslim Was Doing Nearby

March 23, 2017 Robert Rich

Although there are several disturbing images across social media that depict the horrors of the terror attack in London, one seems to be standing out above the rest. As it turns out, a single picture is going viral as onlookers were sickened to see what a lone Muslim was doing as Britons were lying bloodied in the street, dying – and it’s utterly disgusting. […]

Liberal Judge Wants To Free Muslim Migrant Killer After Hearing His 3 Words

Liberal Judge Wants To Free Muslim Migrant Killer After Hearing His 3 Words

March 22, 2017 Dom the Conservative

After a Muslim asylum seeker admitted to killing an elderly man and the attempted murder of an elderly woman, the court expected that he’d be given a harsh jail sentence and deportation. However, as soon as the liberal judge heard his simple 3-word excuse, the migrant killer will not only escape a lengthy sentence but also has no chance of being sent back to his home country. […]


Obama-Loving Judge Who Blocked Trump’s Ban Just Got CAREER-ENDING News

March 22, 2017 Jodi

When President Donald Trump temporarily banned travel from certain Muslim-majority countries until more thorough vetting procedures are established, the left denounced his plan as “racist,” “bigoted,” “Islamophobic,” and a slew of other absurdities. Included in the naysayers were activist judges who blocked Trump’s travel ban for their own partisan reasons, one of whom just received what could be career-ending news. […]


Trump Has 3 Brutal Words For Muslim Who Tried To Destroy Brooklyn Bridge

March 22, 2017 Robert Rich

A New York Muslim was in for a bit more than he bargained after teaming up with al-Qaeda in an attempt to take down the Brooklyn Bridge. Unfortunately for him, things would spectacularly blow up in his face – but things just got so much worse when President Donald Trump personally stepped in and slapped the terrorist with 3 brutal words that he will never forget. […]

Archaeologists Dig Up Truth About Jesus In Middle East That Angers Muslims

Muslims Angered As Archaeologists Dig Up Truth About Jesus In Middle East

March 21, 2017 Michael DePerry

Followers of Jesus Christ in the Middle East often face ongoing persecution, which many believe is causing Christianity to diminish. However, things may be about to change after archeologists dug up the truth about Jesus. Uncovered ancient relics from a 1,500-year-old Christian village have left Christians thrilled, but Muslims are angered over the proof of the Christian connection to the Holy Land. […]

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