Pelosi & Waters In Panic Mode, Capitol Hill Pharmacist Reveals Their ‘Dirty Little Secret’

Politicians like Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters are in panic mode today, thanks to a bombshell report pertaining to their physical and mental health. Capitol Hill’s most notorious pharmacist has spoken to the media to reveal the “dirty little secret” these lawmakers have been hiding, and it will make you very worried about the future of our nation. […]


CNN Quickly Pulls Cameras Off Nancy Pelosi As Her Odd ‘Brain Malfunction’ Shocks Audience

Seventy-seven-year-old Nancy Pelosi was on a live CNN broadcast recently, and her odd “brain malfunction” was so alarming that they quickly pulled the camera angle away from her, but it was too late. It was a cringe-worthy moment as the audience sat dumbfounded, shocked by her strange behavior. Doctors agree, Pelosi should be in the hospital, not on Capitol Hill, and every American needs to see what CNN tried to cover-up. […]

Gun Rights

Nancy Pelosi Lies On CNN About Gun Control, Angry Marine Teaches Her Brutal Lesson

CNN recently hosted a propaganda town hall event on “gun control” featuring Nancy Pelosi. The show was scripted down to the participants, who were all leftists, and it was a perfect echo chamber. However, one retired Marine Captain, who also owns a gun store, somehow got by the screeners. He posed a question to Pelosi, and right away, she started to lie. That didn’t stop this Marine, who refused to be cut off, even when they turned the lights off on him, and he delivered a lesson for Pelosi and all the other anti-gun liberals echoing her narrative. […]


Puerto Rico Mayor’s ‘Sick Secret’ Comes Out As Trump Exposes Her Evil Hurricane Aid Lies

Radical leftist Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz Soto of San Juan, Puerto Rico, is using the hurricane as a political tool to bash President Donald Trump. She has outright lied about the hurricane aid, including the death toll, and is on cable news shows wearing a propaganda t-shirt which says, “Help Us We Are Dying.” As the president was hitting her hard with the truth, her sick secret came out that she didn’t want anyone to know. […]


Gowdy Unleashes Hell On Democrats, Exposes Their ‘Sick Secret’ At Trump Witch Hunt Hearing

Trey Gowdy was back on Capitol Hill for the latest “Trump Witch Hunt” hearings put on by the House Intel Committee. However, Gowdy was not alone — Roger Stone, President Donald Trump’s longtime friend and ally, was called by Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff to testify. Schiff tried to get Stone to lie about Trump, but it went horribly wrong as Gowdy unleashed holy hell on the Democrats, exposing their “sick secret.” […]


Mad Maxine Loses It, Disrupts Funeral Screaming ‘Trump-KKK’ As Her Sick Secret Comes Out

Maxine Waters won’t stop her crazy rants until she self-destructs, and she’s getting pretty darn close to a complete mental breakdown. Her latest antics at a funeral, where she started screaming “Trump-KKK,” are so over the top and distasteful that even those who support her are staying clear of Auntie Maxine these days. What’s worse is her sick secret just came out, and it’s something she was trying to hide for over 12 months. It looks like Maxine Waters is sinking fast. You don’t want to miss this. […]


VIDEO: Tucker Carlson Unleashes Fury, Destroys Illegal Alien With 8 Words He Didn’t Expect

Former President Barack Obama’s immigration policies and his “DREAMers” were shoved down our throats, giving us thousands of entitled leeches demanding that we allow illegal aliens to reap our country’s benefits, despite the fact that they spit on our Constitution and laws. Unsurprisingly, Americans have had enough. Earlier this week, Tucker Carlson shut down one DACA recipient with 8 brutal words on live TV as Carlson unleashed his fury, and rightfully so. […]


Nancy Pelosi ‘Barely Gets Out Alive,’ Ambushed & Surrounded By Illegal Thugs Paid By Soros

Nancy Pelosi is reeling after her worst nightmare just came true. While holding a “pro-illegal alien” press conference, Pelosi got ambushed by what she thought were poor, misunderstood “DREAMers.” Those DREAMers, who were bought and paid for by George Soros, showed their true colors when they surrounded her and scared the living daylights out of her. The mainstream media is covering up the whole story as Nancy Pelosi barely makes it out alive. You don’t want to miss this. […]

Liberals Panic After What ‘Drunk’ Pelosi Did In Front Of Crowd While Praising Trump Basher

Liberals Panic After What ‘Drunk’ Pelosi Did In Front Of Crowd While Praising Trump-Hater

Although Nancy Pelosi may think that she’s at the top of her game, this claim couldn’t possibly be further from the truth. In fact, she was most recently able to prove just that as she gathered a crowd to praise a famed critic of President Donald Trump – but she would later leave her own voter base in a panic after the seemingly  “drunken” mistake she let slip in front of cameras. […]