After Charlie Daniels Sees Schumer Bashing Trump, He Makes Chucky ‘Cry & Wet His Pants’

Charlie Daniels is not someone you want to make mad, but the beloved American icon just set his sights on that fool, Senator Chuck Schumer, who has been on a rampage, bashing President Donald Trump and his tax cuts plan that is sending much-needed relief to millions of Americans. Daniels got so fed-up with Chucky, he just made him cry and wet his pants. You don’t want to miss this. […]

As Liberals Bash Tax Cut, American Companies Tell Them To ‘Shove It’ With Nasty Surprise

As Liberals Bash Trump’s Tax Cut, U.S. Companies Slap Them With BIG ‘Christmas Surprise’

Since the moment the tax bill passed, liberals have done everything they can to try to paint President Donald Trump as a bad guy for putting money back into the pockets of Americans. Unfortunately for those saying that he was living in a “fantasy land,” a few massive American companies just proved them wrong by gifting Trump and the American people with quite the Christmas surprise. […]


WATCH: Democrats Call Trump ‘Sexist,’ So Newt Gingrich Hits Them Where It Hurts The Most

Last week, we saw a wave of resignations on Capitol Hill, as alleged sexual misconduct ended the political careers of several prominent Democrats. In the wake of these sexual harassment scandals, the media has been working overtime to paint President Donald Trump as a “sexist” in a shameless attempt to divert attention away from disgraced Democrats like Al Franken and John Conyers. This prompted Newt Gingrich to hit them where it hurts the most. You’ll love this. […]


Illegal Gets Away With Murder, So Ingraham Tells Trump How To End Sanctuary Cities FOREVER

Last Thursday, a San Fransisco jury acquited illegal immigrant Jose Ines Garcia Zarate of murder, even though he fatally shot Kate Steinle while she was out walking with her father in 2015. Fox News host Laura Ingraham was livid over the verdict, as were millions of other Americans. Now, she is telling President Donald Trump how he can essentially end sanctuary cities forever. […]


Democrat Senator Warner on GOP Tax Bill: “Friday Was My Single Worst Day as a US Senator”

Last week marked a historic victory for President Donald Trump and all MAGA patriots. Senate passed their version of the tax reform bill. Both the House and Senate voted for tax reform, and soon, Trump will sign it into law. But, of course, Democrats are complaining. One had a few idiotic things to say about the bill — things that prove he, like most Democrats, is a lying hypocrite. Luckily, we have the video! […]


After Kate Steinle’s Illegal Killer Goes Scot-Free, His Attorney’s ‘Sick Secret’ Comes Out

The horrible injustice of the “not guilty” verdict in the Kate Steinle’s case is rocking the nation, and the man behind the killer’s defense, Attorney Matt Gonzalez, couldn’t wait to get on live TV immediately after the verdict and bash President Donald Trump. As Kate’s family was trying to leave the San Francisco courthouse, Gonzalez was grabbing the mic and started politicizing the verdict. You’ll be livid over his  “sick secret” that just got exposed. […]