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Shocking! You Won’t Believe How Much People Are Paid In This Socialist “Paradise”

The idea of Socialism is becoming more and more popular among young Americans. They like the idea of the government giving them free stuff. However, it seems like these entitled college students don’t understand the devastating cost of Socialism. All we have to do is look at a real Socialist country like Venezuela. A new report has come out, showing how much the average person makes, and it’s not pretty. […]


As Michelle’s Away At Speaking Gig, Barack’s Caught ‘Sneaking Away’ To Sabotage Trump

Michelle Obama has been raking in millions as she crisscrosses the country, making speeches over the last two months. The former first lady has been solo, with Barack hanging out in their Washington, D.C., mansion with companion Marty Nesbitt. Now, as Michelle is in Canada for a speaking gig, grabbing the media’s attention, the former president has been caught sneaking away for a shocking private meeting to sabotage President Donald Trump. […]

World News

SICK: North Korean Defector Exposes What Female Soldiers Endure in Kim Jong Un’s Army

Earlier this week, the North Korean soldier who defected to South Korea in mid-November awoke inside a South Korean hospital. In the wake of his story being shared around the world, another North Korean defector has come forward, and the former female soldier in Kim Jong-un’s army has revealed what women experience while serving in the North Korean military. […]

World News

New Bombshell In North Korea Defector Story — This Hasn’t Happened in Decades!

Early this month, it was learned that a desperate North Korea soldier fled the border. This man, sick and miserable from years of serving the DRNK, risked his life to enter South Korea. We’ve learned about his terrible physical condition. Now, we are learning that in an effort to recapture the man, the North Koreans did something that hasn’t happened in over 60 years. […]


As NFL Players Take A Knee In America, Look What North Korea Just Did To Its Citizens

For yet another week, American football players in the NFL have insulted the flag and National Anthem. Their “protests” are a disgrace to our country and everything we’ve accomplished. They don’t seem to understand how great it is to live in a free country like the United States. Meanwhile, the corrupt regime of North Korea just did something that will make life even more miserable for its people. […]