[WATCH] Teacher Strips Student Down to Her Bra in Front of Class

[WATCH] Teacher Strips Student Down to Her Bra in Front of Class

An Oregon female teen student was embarrassingly stripped to her underwear by her teacher as she attempted to leave the classroom upon having a panic attack – while another student captured the horrifying incident on camera with a cell phone.

The student, Sara Rue, was reportedly feeling extremely anxious as an argument ensued between her teacher and another student. When Rue attempted to step out into the hallway to collect herself, a teacher guarding the door forcefully grabbed the 15-year-old’s shirt, pulled her back inside the English class, tearing her top off along the way which exposed the girl’s body and red bra to her classmates, the Statesman Journal reported.

Rue was left cursing and crying on the floor in complete embarrassment, as seen in the video.

“I’m really self conscious about my body so (the class) just saw how fat I am and all that stuff,” she said. “I can’t believe that happened.”

The accused teacher, Carrie McCann at the Salem area school was placed on paid leave Friday while the district investigates what happened. Although police were called to file a report for a potential criminal case, school district spokesman Jay Remy stated that their policy allows for a teacher to use physical force if the circumstances require it and if the force is reasonable, but they are not sure if this incident qualifies within those parameters.

Despite what pressure, stress, and circumstances public school educators are placed under, there should never be any justification for a teacher or other school personnel placing a hand on a student in this regard.

Watch the video of the incident below and decide for yourself if you think the teacher was justified in reacting the way she did:


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