The Problem with Facebook and How You Can Fix It


The problem with Facebook is that it’s keeping things from you. You don’t see most of what’s posted by the pages you follow. Facebook has decided what’s relevant to you. This translates into a news feed filled with pictures of babies and weddings. If you don’t interact with a post, Facebook assumes that you’re not interested in that topic and it vanishes from your news feed. Don’t you think it’s possible to like a post and not click the “LIKE” button?

Facebook is actively restricting posts from pages to force them into paying to reach fans that have already indicated that they like the content by “liking” the page. It doesn’t make sense for charities and nonprofits to pay to reach their followers. On YouTube, creators are paid when people view their content, but Facebook wants creators to pay for views. If you are creating the content that draws people to Facebook, shouldn’t Facebook be paying you?

I have come across a few ways to get around what Facebook is doing. You can create an Interest List. This is basically a custom news feed. You pick the pages that are relevant to you, and ALL their posts will be in this customized feed.

Here’s a video that details how to set that up:

Another way to be certain that you receive more posts from the pages that you enjoy is to make sure you select to “Get Notifications.”

You can do this by visiting the desired page and hovering over the like button with your mouse. A drop down menu will appear. Make sure “Get Notifications” is checked as demonstrated in the photo below.


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