Thugs Have Outburst In Court, Judge Smacks Them With EPIC Reality Check

Thugs Have Outburst In Court, Judge Throws Them In Jail

After stealing a car and going on a joyride which turned into a chase, three teenage thugs were in court answering for their crimes. However, when the disrespectful group decided to turn the proceedings into a circus with quite the outburst, the judge wasn’t exactly having it – and that’s when he smacked all three with an awesome reality check.

It all started when the three 15-year-old males decided to steal a car before leading police on a chase. When all the fun was over, they were eventually caught and dragged before a judge in Broward County, to be held accountable for their actions.

Disorder in the Courtroom

COURTROOM CHAOS: The teens accused of stealing a car and leading police on a chase, caused some chaos in a juvenile courtroom today.

Posted by WSVN-TV on Tuesday, March 1, 2016

They were facing a variety of charges, including burglary, grand theft auto, and fleeing and eluding police, but they’d soon add a few more to the list. When the judge ordered suspected driver Maurice Thomas to spend the next 21 days in detention, that’s when everything went south.

Apparently not wanting to be held accountable for his actions, the teen threw a hissy-fit which prompted his gang of hooligans to do the same. As reported by WSVN Channel 7 News:

The ruling did not go over well with his friends and family. 7 News cameras captured a young woman dancing while another lashed out at a guard with obscenities. Meanwhile, suspect Dontavious Butler flashed two rows of gold teeth for the camera.

These entitled brats thought the trouble they were in was a joke, but that’s when the judge decided to give them a reality check they likely won’t forget anytime soon. Rather than send them directly to jail, the judge decided to sentence Dontavious and Maurice to five days behind bars for contempt of court. They’ll then spend the ordered 21 days behind the bars of a Juvenile Detention Center. Malik Roberts (another in the group) was released to home detention while a fourth suspect has yet to appear before a judge.

Sometimes lessons come hard in life – and they hit those who are blissfully unaware the hardest. When you’re a two-bit up and coming thug who apparently thinks you’re untouchable, you’re probably not going to have a good time when answering for all the fun you’ve been having at the expense of other people. Just as these idiots showed, if you decide to disrespect the justice system, life only gets harder.

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