Jihadists Release ‘Top 10’ Reasons to Join ISIS, You’re Going to Laugh When You Read It

A Muslim preacher who was released from prison in 2010 has released a Leno-esque top 10 list of reasons to join the jihad in Iraq and Syria.

Breitbart reports that Mizunar Rahman is well-known throughout Britain as an extremist and has a close relationship with Anjem Choudary, an infamous Islamic preacher. He’s also a friend of Michael Adebolajo, who killed soldier Lee Rigby, and refused to condemn the attack against him during an extended radio interview with BBC Asia.

Jihadists Release ‘Top 10’ Reasons to Join ISIS, You're Going to Laugh When You Read It

Rahman’s list highlights the “pleasures” of living within the Islamic State, focusing heavily on the financial incentives as well as the “multicultural” aspects of international Jihad, strangely enough.

Below is the list titled “Ten Facts from the #Islamic_State that everyone should know,” as it appears on Rahman’s Facebook page:

  1. We don’t pay rent here. Houses are given for free.
  2. We pay neither electric nor water bills.
  3. We are given monthly grocery supplies. Spaghetti, pasta, can foods, rice, eggs and etc.
  4. Monthly allowance are given not only to husband and wife (wives) but also for each child.
  5. Medical check up and medication are free – The Islamic State pays on behalf of you.
  6. You can still survive even if you don’t speak Arabic. You can find almost every race and nationality here.
  7. For every newly married couples are given 700usd as a gift.
  8. You don’t have to pay tax (if you’re a Muslim).
  9. No one is conducting business during prayer time. You can see people left their shops opened and pray either in the masjid or near by their shops.
  10. The number of mix-marriages and mix-race children are so high. It’s beautiful to witness brotherhood with no racism.

So there you have it, folks. If you can get past the barbaric culture of rape, beheadings, crucifixion and other savage acts, the Islamic State is the utopia of Islam. Let’s all just rush right over there and see how quickly we can get our heads chopped off, sound like a plan?

Here’s more on Rahman from Breitbart:

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Rahman has long been a British cheerleader for extremist Islamist groups and self-defines as “[believing] the divine shari’ah (law) of Islam is superior to any man-made law in the East or West”. In 2006 he was tried over inciting racial hatred, and convicted in 2007 for soliciting to murder. Although he was sentenced to six years imprisonment he only served four, and immediately resumed his extremist activities upon release.

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