Sparks Fly As Tucker Carlson Blasts Liberals For Insane Border Wall Remarks

Tucker Carlson (left inset), the Penna Group’s rendition of what the border wall will look like (right)

Outspoken journalist and media personality Tucker Carlson is known for his hard-hitting interviews. He’s also known for firmly putting liberals in their place when they get too mouthy, which is exactly what happened Monday morning when he got sick of hearing the horrible excuses for opposing President Donald Trump’s border wall, and sparks began to fly as he blasted them for their insane remarks.

Carlson has made a name for himself in the media as one person who is tough in the face of angry liberals. He tries to keep easily distracted lunatics on course when interviewing the snowflakes, and the left has learned to dislike him since he is known to either get answers or make liberals look like fools. He has also succeeded in making Democrats look incredibly idiotic for refusing to answer his questions. Monday was no different.

According to Fox News, when Tucker Carlson joined Fox & Friends Monday morning to discuss the brewing fight between President Donald Trump and Democrats on the proposed Mexican border wall, sparks flew over the constant idiotic comments made by liberals.

Carlson said Democrats are opposed to the border wall for only one reason — solely because it will work. That means it will be effective in stopping the flow of cheap labor and prospective new Democratic voters. However, Democrats still attempt to claim that they don’t want the wall because of the cost to the American taxpayer, and they even pretend to grandstand because it would cost too much. But, Carlson put these nuts quickly in their place.

“It costs too much? Really? From people who don’t care what anything costs? That’s not a real argument. Their real problem with it is this may stop the flow of cheap labor and new voters,” he said. Carlson is correct too. After all, we now have real evidence that Democrats are actively seeking to fill the country with leftists so that communism will be more easily achieved. There are enemies in the government right now trying to ensure America fails, and as Mad World News previously reported, those enemies are far-leftists and Democrats in the government.

The entire conversation began when attorney general Jeff Sessions claimed that democrats will attempt to shutdown the government in an effort to stop the funding for the border wall. “[The wall] will be the end of illegality,” said Sessions, cautioning Democrats against threatening a government shutdown to block funding for the barrier.

Sessions blames Democrats for not wanting the border wall, which was a cornerstone of Donald Trump’s campaign promises during last year’s presidential election, and he’s absolutely correct. Any Democrat claiming this is about cost is either highly disingenuous or a flat out liar. But, Carlson is also correct in his assessment.

Democrats don’t care how much money they spend. Look at how much money the left spent under Barack Obama’s “leadership.” Obama nearly doubled our national debt and destroyed the value of the American dollar. Democrats don’t have an issue with the amount of money the border wall will cost. Their main issue is that the unprecedented flow of communist voters flooding into the United States will be stemmed dramatically. Carlson nailed this one for sure.

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