[WATCH] Tux Clad Grandpa Thrashes 3 Thugs Burglarizing His Home

[WATCH] Tux Clad Grandpa Thrashes 3 Thugs Burglarizing His Home
“I was not just going to let them stand by and ransack my house – I did what any good husband would do. I wanted to protect my home and protect my wife,” said Andrew Adamson
Security camera footage caught three thugs breaking into a residence in Kettering, England. They had intended to rob the dwelling but homeowners came home and interrupted them.

When Liz and Andrew Adamson returned home one night after a social event, they discovered their front door was open. Liz pushed the door open further and entered, thinking their son was there. Andrew tried to follow but was attacked by a man swinging a pipe at him.

Andrew didn’t try to flee. He grabbed the assailant and threw him out of the house, then turned around to grab another. He pushed the second man out while the first man was still trying to hit him with the pipe. The third intruder was content to run away.

“The next thing we know the chap comes out with the iron bar and sparks were flying off it when he hit it off the wall, so he was really trying to whack me.”

Despite the brave fight he put up, the gang escaped with his briefcase. Andrew received a gash to his head during the melee and had to get seven stitches.

In his tuxedo, I bet he was the best dressed guy in the hospital.


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